Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 12: What Will Go Down?

Blue Bloods season 12 episode 12 release date
Blue Bloods airs weekly on CBS

“Blue Bloods” Season 12 Episode 12 will be one dealing with several clashes between friends and family. The official synopsis teases some of these clashes we’ll be witnessing in the upcoming episode. While Frank will be at odd with his friend over a supposed wrongful arrest, Jamie will butt heads with his nephew over police practices. Meanwhile, the official synopsis also states that Eddie will be in pursuit of justice for a survivor of a sexual assault.

The cast of “Blue Bloods” includes Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan; Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagen; Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan Boyle; Will Estes as Jamison “Jamie” Reagan; Len Carious as Henry Reagan; Sami Gayle as Nicole Reagan Boyle; Marisa Ramirez as Maria Baez; and Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko-Reagan.

Let’s now delve into all that episode 12 of “Blue Bloods” season 12 will entail. Spoilers ahead!

Blue Bloods S12 E11 Recap

Episode 11 opens with Frank getting a rundown from Sid about a cop who uses her badge to get free wares from local stores. Captain Terrell, a veteran cop, takes food and drink with the flash of her badge. Frank summons Terrell to his office and inquires about the allegation. Terrell claims that all the stuff that she takes she gives away to the veterans. Admirable as a gesture that is, Frank tells her the way she procures the freebies is objectionable.

Who plays Frank in blue bloods
Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan in season 12 episode 12

Frank tells her to stop doing that, or he will have to give her a demanding discipline. Later on in the episode, Frank and Sid contend with captain Terrell again. Terrell has kept her business going as usual, so Frank warns her again. Terrell refuses to back down or stop taking free wares. She claims she’s simply distributing what she has rightfully earned. Frank presents an offer; stop her practice, and he will not pursue her case any further. However, Sid refuses.

Frank Vs Terrell Reaches Court

The case inevitably enters the court where Terrell and Frank go at each other hard. Terrell claims the discounts she gets are what the merchant is offering to police themselves. However, Frank rebuts that showing her badge to the merchants is an implication of demand itself. Frank later learns exactly why Terrell does what she does. She tells him that as a black woman, she has to face a great deal of animosity and hostility from her own people for being a cop. Handing out discounts and donating stuff is what keeps her included in the community. Frank tells Terrell to get discounts but not to donate handouts.

Danny & the Jimmy Buffet Scam

Meanwhile, Danny contends with a doppelganger in this episode. He’s out at dinner with Maria when he spots Jimmy Buffet at the bar. At least that’s what he believes him to be. Danny approaches him and tells him his bill is on him. Later on, Danny is surprised to see Jimmy’s extravagant bill. Even more surprising still is the news that the person he met was not actually Jimmy Buffet. Maria breaks the news to him after some searching. She informs him that Jimmy was doing a concert in Austin. He didn’t even come to New York the last night.

Danny learns that the doppelganger scammed him and sets out to get back at him. After failing to get back at him, the real Jimmy Buffet eventually turns up. Jimmy helps Danny confront the fake Jimmy again and stops him from continuing his gig for a while. Buffet tells Danny that Dickie Delaney has been doing this for decades and that he’s been aware of it. He has let Delaney keep masquerading as him because he hails from a poor financial background. This time, however, he’s gone too far, and Buffet tells Delaney to take a break from his hustle.

Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 12 Release Date

“Blue Bloods” Season 12 Episode 12 will release on January 21, 2022. The episode will see Frank at odds with one of his friends. Archbishop Kearns will be the one at odds with Frank over an NYPD arrest that he believes to be wrongful. Meanwhile, Eddie will try to get justice for a sexual assault survivor. Jamie will contend with his nephew Joe Hill. They’ll be at odds with each other over fair police practices. The title for the upcoming episode is “The Reagan Way”. Jackelina Tejada has directed the next episode with a teleplay for Siobhan Byrne O’Connor.

Who plays Jamie in blue bloods
Will Estes as Jamie Reagan in season 12 episode 12

Watch Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 12 Online — Streaming Details

“Blue Bloods” season 12 will air on CBS this Friday at 10 p.m. ET. You can watch the show online on CBS’s official website and Paramount+. You can also access CBS via live TV services like FuboTV. Paramount+ offers a free trial as well as FuboTV, which offers a 7-day free trial.

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