Blue Birthday Kdrama: New Teaser Featuring Red Velvet’s Yeri and Pentagon’s Hongseok

Blue Birthday Kdrama Teaser 2021
Naver's upcoming drama, Blue Birthday, releases a new teaser.

Upcoming Kdrama Blue Birthday starring Red Velvet’s Yeri and Pentagon’s Hongseok has dropped a brand new teaser. The upcoming fantasy drama has attracted all Kdrama lovers due to its iconic storyline and concept. Building a story primarily on pictures and romance, Naver TV Cast has made us excited for the drama. The teaser was short and emotional making the fans wonder if it will have a sad ending. There are too many questions. Thus, let’s go ahead and catch all the info on Blue Birthday. 

Blue Birthday is an upcoming South Korean thriller fantasy romance drama. The production company behind Kdrama Blue Birthday is Playlist. The company has previously given digital drama masterpieces for the 10s-20s generation, including, A-Teen, A-Teen 2, and Love Playlist. Park Dan Hee (The Best Ending, W.H.Y) is directing the drama. On the other hand, Goo So Yeon and Moon Won Young will pen down the screenplay.

Blue Birthday Kdrama Teaser 2021
Yeri and Hongseok; credit: Playlist

Red Velvet’s Yeri will play the female lead, whereas Pentagon’s Yang Hong Seok will play the male lead. The two will take on the role of Oh Ha Rin and Jin Seo Jun, respectively. Also, Lee Sang Jun (as Cha Eun Seong), Kim Yi Seo (as Ji Min), and Kim Gyeol Yu (as Do Soo Jin) will appear in the show.

With an amazing cast, when will Blue Birthday make its premiere?

Blue Birthday Kdrama Release Date, Plot, Characters, and More

Naver TV Cast and Youtube’s upcoming show Blue Birthday is releasing on July 23, 2021. However, on Youtube, the drama will make its debut on August 6, 2021. The good thing that it will be available to people living outside the South Korean region. Through, Youtube the fans of the two idols will be able to stream the drama. Blue Birthday will have 10 episodes, which will air every Friday and Saturday at 19:00 KST.

The show will tell the story of the female lead, who will revisit the past through various photos left by his first love. Unfortunately, her first love died on her birthday 10 years ago.

Blue Birthday Kdrama Teaser 2021
Yeri and Hongseok in Blue Birthday

10 years ago, Oh Ha Rin (Yeri) lost her first love. She planned everything to confess to her male friend, Seo Jun (Hongseok), on her birthday. But, to her surprise and horror, he ended up taking his own life. Now, Oh Ha Rin works at an abandoned pet shelter. However, on the 10th anniversary of Seo Jun’s death, she gets her hands on a bunch of photos that her first love has left behind.

Ji Seo Jun- Ha Rin’s first love- looks bright and cheery on the outside. But, he has a darkness inside of him that no one has ever come across to. Ha Rin was the only one who gave him hope, and he started to develop feelings for her. On the very same day, just like Ha Rin, he was on his way to confess her when he met his sudden death in the photography room.

The concept is interesting, and we can’t wait for the show to arrive.

Yeri and Hongseok in The New Teaser for Blue Birthday

The teaser begins with Oh Ha Rin’s lock screen as the clock hit 12:00 am on June 10 on her phone. A series of notifications and messages start popping on her screen from her friends to wish her a happy birthday. She did not focus on them. However, later, she gets a “reminder,” which reads ‘the day Seo Jun passed.’ In the end, Yeri (Oh Ha Rin) speaks in a voiceover and says that on her unclear 18th birthday, her first love passed away. In the teaser, a polaroid picture of Ha Rin and Seo Jun is also visible as the two are dressed up in school uniforms.

We are definitely excited to see what actually happened ten years ago. Also, if Ha Rin and Seo Jun will ever get to confess to each other. Watch the teaser down below:

The show also stars Lee Sang Jun, who will play Cha Eun Seong, a reporter in the school affairs department. Previously, in school, he had a crush on Ha Rin. Kim Gyeol Yu will play do Soo Jin, Ha Rin’s roommate, and best friend. And Park Joo Hyun will appear as Kim Eu Yong, Soo Jin’s boyfriend.

So, are you ready to witness the most different birthday?

In the meantime, watch Hongseok in The Best Chicken here. 

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