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Blue Birthday Episode 13: Release Date & Preview

Blue Birthday Episode 13: Release Date and Preview
Blue Birthday Episode 13: Release Date and Preview

Blue Birthday Episode 13 is the upcoming episode in this star-studded K-Drama. Starring Red Velvet’s Kim Yerim and Pentagon’s Yang Hong Seok in the leading roles, Blue Birthday is soon approaching the season finale. We cannot wait to see what unfolds next in this scintillating series. Before we tell you what you should be expecting from Blue Birthday Episode 13, here’s everything you need to know about this K-Drama.

The main storyline in Blue Birthday revolves around a group of friends who lose one of their best friends very abruptly. While Ji Seo Jun’s death is wholly framed as a suicide, with the passage of time, the facts seem to suggest otherwise. The series is set 10 years after Ji Seo Jun’s abrupt death. In the present, we see his friends still missing him and grieving over his absence. Oh Ha Rin was one of his best friends. His death is particularly difficult for her since he died on her birthday.

One day, as though a chance of fate, Ha Rin comes across one of Seo Jun’s old cameras in a photo studio. There, the owner gives her 9 magical photographs after a very cryptic conversation. It turns out that these pictures are magical. They have the ability to take the person who burns them, back in time, to the date the photo was taken. This gives Ha Rin an opportunity to go back to the past and find out the truth behind Seo Jun’s death. And, maybe also get him back to life.

Blue Birthday Episode 13: Release Date and Preview

The Blue Birthday Episode 13 is all set to hit our screens on September 3, 2021, at 7 P.M. KST. You can watch Blue Birthday Episode 13 on Rakuten Viki, WeTV and Naver TV.

Blue Birthday Episode 13 Release Date

Blue Birthday

If you’re thinking about what to expect from Blue Birthday Episode 13, frankly we are as confused as you are. Seo Jun and Ha Rin have found out that Hye Min kills Kim Sinu. But, it is still unclear as to how this automatically implies that Hye Min killed Ji Seo Jun too. Perhaps the upcoming episodes will focus more on the reason that may have caused Hye Min to take such a drastic step. It is true after all, that Seo Jun is adopted. Maybe Hye Min had problems with the way he disrespected their mother. It is also possible that Hye Min never throught of Seo Jun as her brother and just wanted to get rid of him. However, all of this is just conjecture. We will have to wait for Blue Birthday Episode 13 to find out if there is any truth to these predictions.

Blue Birthday Episode 12: Recap

The 12th episode in this series was all about trying to figure out who killed Kim Sinu. Since Kim Sinu died the same way Ji Seo Jun did, it was implied that the same person killed him too. Blue Birthday Episode 12 starts with Eun Seong, Ui Yeong, Seo Jun, and Ha Rin finding the culprit in the hidden camera. Once they look at the footage, they are shocked at what they see.

Blue Birthday Episode 13 Spoilers

Blue Birthday

The murderer is entirely dressed as Su Jin. When Su Jin comes looking for them, they question her. Su Jin also looks at the footage. She tries to convince them but is absolutely shocked by the way things are turning against her. Ui Yeong tries to support Su Jin but he is also conflicted with what he saw. When everyone asks Su Jin where she was during lunchtime, her answers seem hesitant. Moreover, she cannot verify facts with her replies. This leads to further suspicions against her.

Later, the police take Su Jin into custody and ask her questions. When asked to identify the killer’s jacket and hairpin, Su Jin confirms that they belong to her. When asked about her whereabouts, Su Jin says that she was constipated and hence had to leave. The police also asked her why she did not use the bathroom in college. She says that she is only comfortable at home. There was a deliveryman who witnessed everything. The group of friends also find him to confirm Su Jin’s alibi.

Ha Rin and Seo Jun find the real culprit

After they realized that Su Jin is not lying, Ha Rin and Seo Jun embark upon an investigation of their own to find the real culprit. Ha Rin decides to retrace the murderer’s steps to catch on any mistakes that they may have made. While Ha Rin is narrating what she thinks might have actually happened, the scene shifts to the actual killing.

Blue Birthday Episode 12 Recap

Yeri and Hong Seok in Blue Birthday

We see how Hye Min planned the entire murder. It turns out that she purchased the medicine from a local shop a day prior to the murder. Once she went back in time, Hye Min found out that Su Jin was unwell. She stole her jacket and hairpin and impersonated Su Jin to save herself. She also stole Eun Seong’s watch and placed it in the cupboard that had the video camera. Hye Min then killed Kim Sinu and framed the entire exercise as suicide.

Finally, we see Ha Rin figuring the entire case out by zooming in on the footage and catching a glimpse of Hye Min’s reflection on a glass mirror. Ha Rin tries to deny it in the beginning, but every piece of proof leads to Hye Min. Seo Jun is absolutely devastated by this revelation. He cannot believe the fact that his sister might have actually killed him. Later, we see the police arresting Hye Min for her crime.

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