Bloody Heart Episode 6 Release Date: Is Yoo Jung Really On The Path To Be Beheaded?

when is the release date of bloody heart episode 6
Bloody Heart episode 6

The historical Korean Drama will release Bloody Heart episode 6 soon, and everyone’s excitement is on the rise. The reason for the same is not just the nerve-wracking plot. But also the stellar cast that is giving life to the story. The series is filled with so much emotion and realism that it truly feels like we are living inside the palace. The singer-turned-actor Lee Joon is the star of the drama. Bloody Heart is his first Seaguk (Historical drama), and he is absolutely slaying it. The other stars of the drama include Kang Ha Na (as Yoo Jung) and Jang Hyuk (as Park Gye Won).

Our characters seem to have found themselves in a bit of a soup in the last few episodes. Yoo Jung, who was formerly pretending to be Park Oak, uncovers the true identity of her beloved. Bloody Heart Episode 6 will add to the string and narrate the future of the royal couple over the next episodes.

Bloody Heart Ep 6 preview:

Everyone is walking on eggshells around the palace as one wrong move can completely crumble their life. Park Hye Won, however, seems to be unfazed by the chaos and is slowly crafting his next moves. He claims his action to be a token of his loyalty to the king and urges him to accept him. On the other side is the king, who is completely agitated by his chief advisor’s actions and seeks closure. He pulls Yoo Jung into a private conversation in the palace and tries to make conversation with the hope of clearing the air.

Bloody Heart episode 6 release date
cr: KBS2

This is only a worm’s eye view of what is going on inside the palace chambers. As one soars above to catch the bird’s eye view, they realize that there is more to the situation. The Queen dowager confirms that the ladies’ families will soon be reaching the palace, despite the palace maids exposing the fake Aok. Moreover, she asks the King how far he is willing to go to fulfill his desires. To this, he replies by saying that only man possesses the answer to that question. Who is emperor Lee Tae referring to? Is it his chief strategist Park Gye Won? Or is he referring to his own actions that will provide the answer? Watch Bloody Heart episode 6 to find out!

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Bloody Heart Episode 6 release date

The series airs new episodes every Monday and Tuesday. Bloody Heart Episode 6 will release on 17th May 2022. Be sure to block your calendar and catch the episode, as you do not want to miss the drama that will unfold in this episode. They say all is fair in love and war, but what will happen when the war is fought for love? We do not know for certain how much more blood will be shed in this conquest, but we do know of the great power that love holds. This very power of true love is sure to destroy all obstacles and lead Lee Tae to victory, both in his heart and in his empire! Do not miss this series that talks about not just the blossoming romance between the protagonists but also about politics, power, and more!

episode 6 of Bloody Heart
cr: KBS2

Online streaming details:

Korean fans can catch Bloody Heart ep 6 on the KBS2 television network at 9:30 pm KST. If you have missed the episode by any chance, do not worry, as Wavve- An online streaming platform, provides the episode one day later. Correspondingly, International fans can catch the episode at 6:00 pm IST, 10:30 pm AEST, or even at 8:30 am Central time. They can stream the episode on online platforms like Disney+Hotstar.

However, be mindful as the app requires an upgrade to its premium member category to watch the Bloody Heart drama. Moreover, the platform is available in selected regions only. With that being said, prepare yourself for a blast with Bloody Heart ep 6. Stay tuned to Otakukart for more updates!

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