Bloody Heart Episode 4: Enemies Find An Opportunity to Attack Lee Tae

Bloody Heart episode 4 release date
Bloody Heart episode 4

Bloody Heart episode 4 is sure to leave its fans wanting more! The episode is bound to unleash a lot of drama that is packed in the form of planning and action. Moreover, there is also an element of complicated family relations that play a role in turning the enemies towards Lee Tae’s side. It is always said that the sword that hurts the greatest is not pierced from the front, but stabbed from the back. What do you do when your biggest source of support starts to turn their back on you?

Lee Joon and Kang Ha Na are here to answer that question by way of a charming historical romance fiction. The actors have done a commendable job in conveying the emotions of the historical era. You Young Eun is the director of the series who is celebrated across Korea for her works in the Queen of Mystery series. Moreover, the backdrops and outfits further amplify the antique feel of the series at large. The first two episodes have already caught the attention of millions of fans across the world, join us as we wait for Bloody Heart episode 4 together!

Bloody Heart episode 4 preview:

The kingdom is slowly slipping into a scene of war and chaos. However, Lee Tae’s intentions are clear as day. His goal is to become the greatest ruler to have reigned over Joseon. He decides to achieve this with the help of a beautiful woman named Yoo Jung. However, it is not easy for a king to become the husband of a woman merely of noble birth. Soon, a power struggle is set into motion as the noble families start to oppose and resist this possible relationship. Park Gye Won also advises against the relationship because he is well aware of the consequences of the king marrying a woman of lower rank. He tries to warn and persuade Lee Tae to give up on her and focus on the ultimate prize.

Bloody heart episode 4 release date
Lee Tae meets Yoo Jung and falls in love

When you are a man with such power, it is only natural that there are just as powerful enemies waiting for a chance to strike. These enemies are always on the lookout for observing their opponent’s slightest movements. They decide that it is wise to pull their first move amidst the uproar and chaos that has begun owing to the King’s interest in Yoo Jung. They eye this as a great opportunity and start sharpening their knives to capitalize on the situation. For instance, the queen dowager begins to plot a conspiracy in order to bring break the royal marriage. How do you think these palace battles affect the lives of commoners on the streets? Watch how Lee Tae will rise above all these odds only on Bloody Heart episode 4!

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Bloody Heart episode 4 release date

New episodes of Bloody Heart will air on Mondays and Tuesdays of every week. The new episode of Bloody Heart will release on 10th May 2022.  Although a week-long wait seems absolutely painful, trust us when we say that Bloody Heart episode 4 will be worth the wait! Lee Tae is a powerful ruler with a promise to protect his people. He has already captured the hearts of not just his citizens but fans worldwide as well! Will his shot at true love be everything he dreamed of? Is Yoo Jung truly a beauty who is worth all the sacrifices of Lee Tae?

release date of bloody heart episode 4
the blossoming romance between Lee Tae and Yoo Jung

Online streaming details

Bloody Heart episode 4 will release at 9:30 pm KST. It will be available to stream on the KBS2 television network. However, for those who are residing outside the boundaries of South Korea, you can follow the schedule given below. 6:00 pm for Indian fans. 10:30 pm for the fans from Australia. And lastly, 8:30 am Central time for the American and Canadian viewers. Be sure to shower the series with lots of love and stay tuned to Otakukart for more updates!

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