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Bloody Heart Episode 10 Release Date: Is Lee Tae Planning to Kill Park Gye Won?

Bloody Heart episode 10 release date
Bloody Heart episode 10

The story is about to get too real from Bloody Heart Episode 10! The formidable king of the Joseon era, Lee Tae, seems to be cooking a conspiracy of his own. Moreover, the opposition and resistance toward Yoo Jung continue. As the noble families continue to intervene and wreak havoc inside the palace, be sure to watch Bloody Heart Ep 10 to know how the royals will overcome this! The entire cast of the series has absolutely devoured the storyline and has made it to the top of our list of favorite historical dramas!

Bloody Heart Episode 10 will soon hit the screens and fans are eagerly anticipating seeing how the story will progress. Lee Joon has done a wonderful job in portraying the emotions of a powerful ruler who is unmatched. Kang Ha Na has equally succeeded in sporting a unique look! Furthermore, the rest of the members of the cast have done just a commendable job. Keep reading to find out what you can expect from the 10th episode of Bloody Heart!

What fans can expect from Bloody Heart Episode 10?

Fans can undoubtedly expect a lot of violence and bloodshed in Bloody Heart Episode 10. The sole reason for this might be the greater conspiracy that Lee Tae is cooking up. Does he really plan on assassinating Park Gye Won? Fans are already aware that Park Gye Won wishes to see his lineage on the throne. With the power he holds in the kingdom, it must be an easy task for him. However, the reality seems to be different.

On the other side, Lee Tae poses to be a formidable opponent for Gye Won who will not back down that easily. Moreover, Lee Tae will not abandon Yoo Jung and will guard her with his life. In the previous episodes, the two make a promise to stay by each other’s side. No matter how long the road is, they have nothing to lose as long as they have mutual understanding and support. With such a beautiful form of love blooming between the two, their chemistry on screen is unmatched!

Bloody Heart episode 10 release date

Bloody Heart

However, another secret is unlocked when Gye Won asks Lee Tae if he really wishes to engage in a relationship with the enemy. Do you think it ties back to the death of his mother? Will our king look beyond these situations and forgive his enemy? or will he pull out his dormant sword from its sheath? Be sure to watch Bloody Heart episode 10 to find out!

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Bloody Heart Episode 10 release date

We have already crossed the half-line mark of the series and so far, the journey has been great! New episodes of Bloody Heart will release every Monday and Tuesday. As such, Bloody Heart episode 10 will release on 31st May 2022. The conspiracy is slowly reaching its peak and you do not want to miss this. Fate has twisted and turned in many ways completely overturning the lives of our beloved king and queen. But they remain unfazed throughout all these challenges.

Every episode has always left us wanting more and we adore all the characters very much. Bloody Heart is truly a time machine that will allow the users a trip back in time. Experience for yourself this joyous ride through Bloody Heart ep 10!

What is the release date of Bloody Heart ep 10?

Bloody heart

Online streaming details

New episodes of the series will air at 9:30 pm Korean Standard Time. Fans from Korea can easily watch the Bloody Heart Episode 10 on the KBS2 television network. That would be 6:00 pm Indian Standard Time, 10:30 pm in Australia and 8:30 am as per Central Time. Moreover, international fans can avail of the episode on online streaming platforms like Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar in selected regions only.

The episodes can be accessed with subtitles in various languages as well. Moreover, viewers can also find Bloody Heart episode 10 on the Korean streaming platform Wavve. Let us know what you think of the episodes thus far and stay tuned to Otakukart for more updates!

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