Block B’s P.O As Control Z Appearing in Yumi’s Cells 2 To Make You Make In Love With Him

Block B's P.O

Since the bitter-sweet ending of Yumi’s Cells seasons 1, fans are eagerly waiting for new updates about its upcoming season 2! Recently, Block B’s P.O has been confirmed for a special appearance in Yumi’s Cells 2. Therefore, fans are wondering about his role. After all, Season 1 was a super hit, making each episode filled with excitement and mischievous cells of Yumi. Yumi’s Cells is a sweet tale of an ordinary office worker, Kim Yumi, whose life is portrayed through the eyes of the cells in her mind. It is the first kdrama that has flawlessly combined live-action with 3D animation. After seeing those lovely cells, who would not fall in love with them? 

Yumi’s Cells Season 1 was premiered on tvN, TVING, and iQIYI, consisting of 14 episodes. The kdrama is adapted from the webtoon of the same title illustrated by Lee Dong Gun. If you have not checked it out yet, you should now! Of course, if you read, there will be major spoilers about Season 2. But it will be worth it! Because even after reading the webtoon, the drama will keep you on your toes, giving butterflies in each episode. And the credit goes to Yumi’s Cells 2 cast members such as Kim Go Eun, Jinyoung, and many more. Now that Block B’s P.O is also joining the casting, Yumi’s Cells will be more interesting to watch! 

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Block B’s P.O Appearance In Yumi’s Cells 2 Making Fans Excited For Ruby And Control Z’s Love Story

On 2 December 2021, P.O’s agency Artist Company confirmed the news. The company even commented that Block B’s P.O aks Pyo Ji Hoon will make a special appearance as Control Z in the second season of Yumi’s Cells. According to the webtoon, Control Z is Yumi’s illustrator, who will work with her once she decides to follow her dreams. However, there is a sweet twist to his role. Besides Yumi’s illustrator, Control Z also dates Ruby! 

Yumi's Cells Season 2 Cast
Block B’s PO

Finally, our lovely Ruby is getting her love story! If we follow the webtoon, Ruby and Control Z have a secret crush on each other but think it is one-sided. Therefore, as the dramatic story unfolds, we will see some sweet romance between Lee Yu Bi and Pyo Ji Hoon! In the webtoon, Control Z appears with long hair. Therefore, fans are curious and excited to see how P.O portrays his character in Yumi’s Cells 2! 

Pyo Ji Hoon (P.O) Previous Work

Pyo Ji Hoon goes by the stage name P.O. He is a member of the ‘Block B’ kpop group that debuted in April 2011. He is even a part of the sub-unit Bastarz with U-Kwon and B-Bomb. P.O has also dropped solo singles such as Men’z Night, Promise feat. Mino etc. 

Besides as an active member of Block B, Pyo Ji Hoon has also acted in various dramas, variety shows, web series, and many more. His charms never dull! And if you haven’t checked out his other workpieces, you are missing out so much here, especially his role as Ji Hyun Joong in Hotel Del Luna! In Hotel Del Luna, Block B’s P.O has acted as a sweet, gentle receptionist, working at a hotel that caters only to the ghosts. Apart from Hotel Del Luna, P.O also performed in More Than Friends, Mouse, Love Alert, Encounter, etc. 

Other Special Appearances In Yumi’s Cells Season 2

In the upcoming season of Yumi’s Cells, we will meet numerous new faces. Some fans are wondering about Woong’s character appearing in the second season. However, there is no official talk has been done. Besides the main cast, some of the supporting roles have been confirmed for the next season. Along with Block B’s P.O, Shin Ye Eun and Jeon Seok Ho will be performing in Yumi’s Cells 2! 

Yumi's Cells Season 2 Cast
Shin Ye Eun and Jeon Seok Ho

Shin Ye Eun’s role as Yoo Da Eun has been confirmed by her agency NPIO Entertainment. Jeon Seok Ho, who previously worked in Kindom, Jirisan like dramas, will also feature in Yumi’s Cells Season 2. He will work with the main lead, Kim Yumi, aka Kim Go Eun. It will be exciting to see such fabulous casting in one drama. Therefore, keep your eyes on the news to know the latest updates about Yumi’s Cells 2 and Block B’s P.O.

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