Bliss Ending Explained: Which Is The Real World After All?

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Bliss Ending Explained

Bliss from Amazon Prime comes off with a unique sci-fi tale-telling its take on the simulation world. Well, from the looks of the trailer and all, the movie may sound confusing but not if you get the main idea right. So as we explain, just don’t scratch your head a lot, just go with the motives of the characters we will be telling. You may understand what we are talking about. So telling a story of a working man who is told his world is a part of the simulation and finding out the real world outside. Here is our take on Bliss for getting its ending explained right.

Bliss is directed by Mike Cahill. It stars Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek taking the lead of the film. Two completely different characters with Wilson as the woking man Greg while Salma plays the role of a woman who comes from Greg’s vivid imagination. But it turns out everything about her is real, and the world Greg is in is fake. So what is going on here? What is this Bliss world? If Bliss is real, then what about the world Greg is in? Everything happening in the ending of Bliss starts now.

Bliss Plot Summary

Bliss tells the story of Greg Wittle, who instead of working in his office, spends time sketching things out of his mind. The recently divorced Gregg is having a hard time as he is over-medicating himself while also getting called out by his boss for wasting time. Soon comes the time when he is late for work and gets fired. Greg’s boss fires him, and over an argument, Greg accidentally kills his boss. Nervous and frightened, Greg leaves the office to a bar across the building and meets Isabel, who somewhat resembles the girl he draws in the pictures constantly.

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Bliss Plot

Isabel knows what Greg has done and tells him about this simulation world he is living in. At first, he doesn’t believe a word she says until he sees her using telekinetic powers, which leads Isabel to alter the death of his boss. Thus proving it as a suicide. As shocked as Greg looks, he definitely wants to know more about it, and Isabel agrees to teach him. By selling Greg’s phone, she buys yellow crystals which help her manipulate reality.

Isabel and Greg go on quite an adventure using them until they finally found themselves in trouble with the cops. Amidst this, Gregg’s daughter comes looking for her father. Someone Isabel wants Greg to avoid since she claims she is not real. On the other hand, Greg wants to get bottom of this and wants to know if not this, then what is the real world. So it takes Isabel to introduce him to blue crystals that will transport them to the real world according to her.

Bliss Ending Explained

The Bliss World

Greg and Isabel consume the newly brought blue crystals and transport themselves to the world Isabel likes to call Bliss. Greg wakes up in a room with many other people like him latched to computer equipment. Isabel soon makes her presence felt. Before entering reality, Isabel had told Greg that the drawings he did were not something imaginary of his mind. It is his real-life outside this simulation, and it is what it represents. Greg in real, is a scientist along with Isabel, and they are testing Brain Box created by Isabell to study alternate realities of the world. Plus how it may affect the human brain.

The Bliss World Ending Explained

Isabel takes him on a tour of this world, and it does resemble his paintings, but Greg doesn’t remember anything. Nothing about his privileged life here or meeting the friends Isabel introduced him to. Anway Greg asks Isabel to publish her research and end this once and for all. She agrees, but she asks him once if there is something left behind. That’s when Greg remembers his daughter and stumbles across one of her simulations. She asks him to choose one word which means more to him.

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Choosing The World

Much like his daughter’s glitch, the simulation reality starts wreaking havoc in the real world for Isabel and Greg. So, Isabel believes they are still stuck in simulation a little. To completely escape, they need another dose of the blue crystals. So they go back to the simulation world for one last time, but a brawl erupts between Isabel and his dealer. This leads her to kill him to grab the crystal and run away from cops with Greg. They realize they have only one crystal in their hand. So only one of them can go back in time.

Two Realities To Choose In Bliss Ending Explained

Greg initially asks her to kill him as no one could die in a simulation. But when he hears his daughter coming to his rescue, he changes his mind. He gives away the crystal to Isabell and the reality she likes to live in. The perfect Bliss world whereas he will live with his daughter. Greg believes he would be happy to live in a troubled world, no matter how bad it is. Going back, Isabel distracts the police while Greg makes an escape and eventually goes to rehab. Thus believing his daughter is real and later reunites with her.

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Which World Is Real?

Well, the movie doesn’t really give you if the dark world of Greg is real or the utopian perfect Bliss world of Isabel is real. It eventually comes to their choices. There can be multiple interpretations on which could be the real world. But if we speak with choices, at the end of the day, it relied on the characters being happy in which world. Greg chose a world with his daughter while Isabel chose a perfect world. For both of them, their respective worlds remain great choices whether they be real or not.

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The real world in Bliss Ending Explained

There is one explanation for the ending of the Bliss, that the bliss world could be nothing but a side effect of the drug overdose. Remember Greg was over-medicating. Plus, Isabel just brought in more consumables in the form of crystals which can be dubbed as drugs as well. This explanation may prove Greg’s world he believes is real. Something he always drew in his paintings. A world too far to be perfect. Although Isabel gives away a reason stating to enjoy the good, they wanted to experience bad, and thus, it was necessary. But still, the drug overdose triumphs. If you believe this, there is a cue. Well, that’s all for the ending of Bliss.

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