‘Bling Bling’: Things To Know About MAJOR9’s K-pop Group!

bling bling kpop group
Bling Bling

In the midst of so many idol groups debuting almost every month, some groups remain underrated. One of the k-pop groups is ‘Bling Bling’. Debuting in 2020 under the company MAJOR9, ‘Bling Bling’ is the six-member k-pop girl group that went under the rookie radar. And just like ‘Bling Bling’, their company is also a rookie in the entertainment league, making ‘Bling Bling’ their first girl group in the pop category. As MAJOR9 is known to be home to some amazing ballad artists like Ben, VIBE, 4MEN, including Kasper and Dongjun. The company is the result of the mergers between The Vibe Entertainment, Gold Moon Entertainment, and Asakusa Games.

Having six members in the k-pop group, ‘Bling Bling’ consists of Juhyun, Marin, Yubin, Ayamy, Jieun, and Narin. While the four members are from different academies and agencies. Two of them used to be trainees at STARDIUM Entertainment before their debut. They went on to debut in November 2020 with an electronic dance music track, ‘G.G.B’. And the fans were already swooning over the group’s visuals, music, and dancing skills. Acquiring an honest and supporting fanbase, the girls went on to release their first mini-album, ‘Contrast’ in May 2021. The album has four soundtracks; “Oh Mama”, “Milkshake”, “G.G.B”, and “La La La”.

From their pre-debut to their post debut era, here are the things you need to know about your ‘Bling Bling’ bais!


The first member to be revealed as part of ‘Bling Bling’, Kim Yu Bin is an 02 liner. Her birthday is on February 27. Being the maknae of the group, she is the lead vocalist and lead dancer of the group. And holds the center position. Graduating from the infamous Hanlim Multi Art School. She went on to begin her career as a trainee at CNC School, Fantagio, and STARDIUM Entertainment. She loves binge-watching western TV shows, one of the reasons that her English is good. Yubin was all set to debut under STARDIUM Entertainment. A year after training, she also went on to participate in the survival show ‘Produce 48’ and ended up at 88th rank. It wasn’t until she saw Miss A performing their 2010 hit Bad Girl Good Girl. After that, she’s been dreaming to be like the idols she’s been seeing on the stage. For her pre-debut cover, she went on to sing “Across the universe” by Baek Yerin.

bling bling kpop
Bling Bling’s Yubin: The Maknae

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The second member to be introduced as part of the group, Choi Ji Eun is an 01 liner. Her birthday is on March 3. She serves as the main vocalist of ‘Bling Bling’. She’s been a part of HAK Enter Academy and went on to audition for JYP in 2017. She is the tallest member of the group. And like most of us, she loves to do her house chores with music blasting on speakers. She was also under STARDIUM Entertainment as a part of their pre-debut group. Watching the film ‘200 Pounds of Beauty’, she fell in love with Kim Ah-Joong’s cover of Blondie’s Maria. And decided that she’s going to be a performer herself. For her pre-debut audition, she went on to perform “Honeymoon Avenue” by Ariana Grande.

bling bling kpop
Bling Bling’s Jieun: The main vocalist

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The third member to be revealed as part of the group, Suzuki Ayamy is an 00 liner. Her birthday is on August 28. She serves as the lead dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist of ‘Bling Bling’. As a lead dancer, she’s really flexible and can even do splits. She is the first Japanese member of the group. And is very artistic. Having a knack for styling and an interest in fashion, she is an amazing designer too. Watching Blackpink live for the first time, Ayamy was feeling so inspired to become an idol that she packed her bags and moved to South Korea. For her pre-debut cover, she went on to perform “Die A Little Bit” by Tinashe.

bling bling kpop
Bling Bling’s Ayami: The dancer

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The fourth member to be revealed in the group, Yasufuku Marin is an 01 liner. Her birthday is on March 17. Having some amazing dance skills, she serves as the vocalist and lead dancer of ‘Bling Bling’. She is the second Japanese member of the group. And is a huge fan of Blackpink. Once getting into the loop of k-pop, Marin decided to move to South Korea and pursue her career as a k-pop idol. And starting her journey as a trainee, she hasn’t looked back. She also loves to photograph people, and her group members are her favorite muse. As she loves to take their pictures. For her pre-debut audition, she went on to perform “Who’s That Girl” by Eve.

bling bling kpop
Bling Bling’s Marin: The Blink

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Introduced as the fifth member of the group, Cha Ju Hyun is an 02 liner. Her birthday is on April 1, and is the oldest member of ‘Bling Bling’. As the leader of the group, she serves as the main rapper and vocalist of the group. Juhyun has been dreaming to be a performer ever since she was five years old. During the family holidays, she used to be a sole performer during vacations and family events. Her family is a supportive one and told her to pursue dance as a serious thing. Before debuting as a part of ‘Bling Bling’, she went on to audition for MIXNINE but couldn’t clear. She’s also on the artistic side and loves to write, sketch, and design in her free time. For her pre-debut cover, she went on to perform “Swish Swish” by Katy Perry.

Bling Bling’s Juhyun: The Leader


Revealed as the final member of the group, Lee Na Rin is an 01 liner. Her birthday is on October 29. Having the ability to hit some amazing high notes, Narin is the vocalist and visuals of ‘Bling Bling’. And is a great player in the ‘Hello Cleopatra’ game. She’s bilingual and can speak Japanese. She is also the smallest member of the group. Narin has been dreaming of becoming an idol since she was a kid. She even used to perform in front of her family whenever she saw idols performing on the TV. She also loves to collect pink-colored things. For her pre-debut, she went on to sing “If The World Was Ending” by JP Saxe & Julia Michaels. And went on to join MAJOR9 in 2018.

bling bling kpop
Bling Bling’s Narin: The Visuals

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‘Bling Bling’ Talks About Their First K-pop Mini-Album!

Talking about their first mini-album that came out in the summer of 2021, the girls revealed how they’ve been doing their best promoting the music and reaching out to as many fans as they can. While their first single was upbeat, their album fell more on a warm and softer side. Talking about their album single, Juhyun revealed that the song is about someone falling head over heels for someone. Revealing that Bling Bling’s vibe in k-pop is more like being able to let the emotions out. As the name ‘Contrast’ suggests, the two sides to ‘Bling Bling’. The girls are cool and chic on the one end and romantic and affectionate on the other. And their music video for ‘Oh Mama’ reprinted their nature very well.

‘Contrast’ Bling Bling’s Mini-Album Teaser

As the video showed the girls in their cool and energetic form dancing on the beats. While we can also see their animated versions having some romantic and deep moments. The girls want their fans to enjoy their music as much as they can. And the video’s pirate concept did help in that. As ‘Bling Bling’ debuted in South Korea and Japan at the same time, the girls helped each other a lot. While Ayamy and Marin help the Yubin, Narin, Jihyun, and Jieun with their Japanese pronunciations. The four helped the two with their Korean pronunciations. Still promoting their album, the girls of ‘Bling Bling’ hope to be known as “The shining girl group in the k-pop”. For now, the girls aren’t really preparing for a comeback. But things are being planned in the studio. As they are working on themselves getting better for the upcoming performances.

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