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Blaire White Appears In Tom MacDonald’s New Music Video Snowflakes

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Blaire White is a trans YouTube star popular for her strong stance on politics. She projects her thoughts about political situations using her social media platforms. Tom MacDonald recently collaborated with White and released his internet-shattering song Snowflakes. Blaire appeared in the music video with Tom. She danced to the beats as Tom trolled many government policies. With an awesome mix of guitar and keys, MacDonald thrashed down on the American government. Snowflakes is a derogatory term. It is generally used for those people who are easily offended and unable to bear opposition. The term has developed recently to become a politicized insult. It now refers to the group who were against the Trump administration. And clearly enough, MacDonald criticizes hypersensitivity and hypocrisy widespread in the present government.

we’re all afraid to speak the truth/ And the more afraid we get, the more we hate the ones who do

This is not the first time Tom infused such elements in his song. He constantly uses his songs to speak out loud on the shortcomings of the system. He mercilessly drops truth bombs and calls out the cancel culture, gun laws, and the abortion bill. MacDonald urges his listeners to understand the problematic ways of the government. He didn’t miss out on mocking the government’s contradictory statements. Having such powerful lyrics at hand, Tom is all set to break the internet once again. His last song Dear Slim was a chart-topper and brought in 8 million views in less than three weeks.

Who Is Blaire White?

Blaire White is a right-wing political commentator who uses her YouTube channel to speak on them. She started her YouTube career back in college. Witnessing the lack of equal representation of opinions among her teachers and peers, she took on to YouTube. She was also greatly disappointed with the type of trend feminism was turning into. Her videos at the beginning mostly focused on her anti-feminist views. Soon, she started including her political views on different social topics. Her views on those topics have brought her to the center of many controversies. She criticized the Black Lives Matter movement and got into a lot of trouble with its supporters. The situation worsened so much that the FBI had to intervene. She declared her political beliefs as that of right-wing. Blaire was also a pro-Trump supporter and attended his rallies. She claimed about getting assaulted for supporting Trump.

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Blaire White was born on September 14, 1993, in California. White was born a boy according to birth. But soon she started questioning her true gender identity. She attended California State University and studied computer science. It was during her time in college that she came out as transgender. She started her hormone therapy soon after. Blaire revealed herself to be a victim of date rape when she was 18 in a video with Shane Dawson. She lost her father a year later. Her political views brought her much fame and love. She appeared on The Rubin Report to talk about the Public Facilities Privacy & Securities Act. She is engaged to fellow YouTuber Joey Sarson since 2018.

With Fiance Joey Sarson (Source: Instagram)

Blaire White’s Controversial Statement Over A Transgender Weightlifter

Blaire has found herself in trouble for her conflicting views on some topics. But one such opinion got her into more trouble than she would have imagined. Blaire posted a video on YouTube titled Trans Athlete: ‘I Belong In Women’s Sports, Get Over It!,’ on September 27, 2020. In this video, Blaire criticized trans women who participated in the competition with cisgender women. She specifically called out trans weightlifter Janae Marie Kroc. According to her, Janae had an unfair advantage and was opportunistic. However, Janae claimed that her weightlifting records were before she transitioned. She never competed with cisgender women after transitioning. Blaire received massive hate for her misleading video but waited 2 weeks before deleting it. This brought even more criticism. She apologized for not doing basic research and personally reached out to Janae for an apology.

(Source: YouTube)

A Little Look Into Tom MacDonald’s Life

Thomas MacDonald was born on September 21, 1988. He started his career as a professional wrestler under the name Allstar. His debut single Whiteboy marked his successful start as a rapper. Tom is a big-time Eminem fan. He considers Eminem the greatest rapper of all time and his inspiration to start as a rapper. MacDonald’s song Straight White Male talks about the apparent demonizing of white men. This song received heavy criticism from many squares. However, Tom continued making songs that highlighted social and political topics. His recent release Snowflakes directly attacks the American government policies.

(Via: Instagram)

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