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Blackpink’s Top Songs: The Haul of Successful Numbers

Blackpink top songs
South Korean Girl Group Blackpink.

It’s no surprise that K-pop is ruling the world. Artists like BTS, Twice, Blackpink, NCT, Seventeen, and many more are making people groove to the tunes. Korean pop is definitely leading the music market, and their songs are soothing and can make one dance immediately. Today we are going to talk about one of these groups, in particular a girl group. Blackpink. They have taken the world by storm in just five years. The girls have achieved multiple titles and have broken several records.

Blackpink top songs

With over 35 songs and ten albums, Blackpink has one of the best discographies. Today we have decided to discuss the top Blackpink songs every K pop Enthusiast and a baby fan must listen to. Blackpink comprises four members- Jisoo, Rose, Jennie, and Lisa. They debuted in 2016 and are currently the biggest girl group in the world. So make sure to check out the complete list down below.

8. How You Like That

On number 10, we have Blackpink’s, ‘How you like that.’ The song has catchy lyrics, the chorus of the song sounds perfect, and the choreography is to die for. The four members also rock the traditional Hanboks in a contemporary way, which is the cherry on the top. The song was released over a year ago. However, we can listen to Lisa singing “Bada Bing Bada boom boom” all day.

The song’s highlight is definitely Rose and Jeisoo’s bridge at the end of the two verses, as they Sing “Look up in the sky it’s a bird it’s a plane.”

7. Pretty Savage

Pretty Savage is without a doubt the most confident song Blackpink has ever delivered. The song as a whole represents the smugness on the girl’s faces. And it shows how proud the girls are of themselves. Even the writing of the verses is different than a regular track. Blackpink goes ahead and called them so bitches in the track, as they show that they are not weak little girls. “Yeah, we some b—-es you can’t manage,” they sing.

The song’s highlight is obviously Rose’s voice as it matches with the minimalist bass, guitar, and snare drum at the bridge.


Black pinks DDU-DU DDU-DU is exactly what a Kpop video should look like. From visuals to graphics, to lyrics, to Jennie’s rapid-fire rap, the song is one of a kind. The song follows lyrics that bring out the confidence in girls and how they can conquer things on their own. It somehow matches the vibe of ‘Kill this love.’

The song also showcases Jennie’s best rap that she has ever given to any of the Blackpink songs. Moreover, the dance break, in the end, is absolutely fire, just the way it sounds, “tteugeowo tteugeowo tteugeowo like fire.”

5. Playing with Fire

Released in 2016, ‘Playing With Fire’ is still one of my favorite songs from Blackpink. With powerful lyrics like “My love is on fire,” Playing With Fire was the first time the girls ever adapted a serious theme for their music. And, it is okay to say that they did it superficially. Playing with fire also paved and created a new trail for the group’s future projects. The angst, cockiness, and choreography are perfect in the song.

The song’s highlight is when all the four members come together to sing the chorus and sync in line while they croon, “Oh Oh Oh, so burn baby burn.”

4. Stay

Stay is probably the outcast of the group Blackpink’s discography. It is like a country-Esque folk song with magical instrumental music. Stay might differ from what the group usually sings, but it is doubtlessly a beautiful song. Having the characteristics of a country song, Stay still gives Jennie and Lisa a chance to rap but in a different way. The two rappers opt for an emotional way of expressing their feelings in a song rather than their normal rapid-fire style.

The song’s chorus has to be the song’s highlight. It perfectly throws light on each member’s vocal, which is different than each other but sounds wonderful together.

3. Kill This Love

Kill this love is probably the group’s most balanced song. It has a mixture of aggressiveness, slowed-down vocals, and even an emotional pact. The song takes you on an emotional journey. Lisa and Jennie combatively rap, and Jisoo and Rose glaze the song with their beautiful honey-like vocals in the pre-chorus. The visuals stand out the most in the music video and make it more relatable. Kill this love is Blackpink’s one of the biggest hits.

The song’s highlight comes from all the four members-Jisoo’s ethereal beauty while she shed tears of blood, Rose’s crying while she drives the car. And Jenny and Lisa’s rap in the second worse. Everything is designed perfectly.

2. Lovesick Girls

‘Lovesick Girls’ is a sparkling song. It is what the fans were waiting for. Also, it is perfect to become the cover of Blackpink’s first-ever full-length album. We can’t actually call it a pop song, as it also has a hint of EDM in it. The song surely makes us nostalgic, in a good way. The song has a variety of emotions. It expresses pain, vulnerability, confidence, and softness altogether.

The song’s highlight is the last chorus and its music composition. It is different than the former ones, in a magical way.


Whistle is where it all started. It is when the girls started shining, and fortunately, they still are. Whistle has the coolness, especially when Jisoo begins with a “Hey Boy.”  There are very low sound elements in the song which gives the girls to outshine their vocals. The song follows the ebb flow, and it perfectly fits for a song like Whistle.

The song’s highlight is without a surprise Jisoo’s “Hey Boy,” as it binds the song perfectly.

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