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BLACKPINK The Movie 2021: YG Announces Gifts For All BLINKS

BLACKPINK 5th Anniversary 2021
BLACKPINK The Movie 2021 - YG Announces Gifts For All BLINKS

In an article yesterday, we told you about what YG Entertainment was planning for their famous girl group BLACKPINK. In the second week of August 2021, the record-breaking quartet is all set to celebrate its 5th anniversary. Annual anniversary celebrations are a big part of the K-Pop music industry. Read on more to find out all about BLACKPINK The Movie 2021.

Over the last few years, our world has seen a change in the power to influence the masses from the hands of the West to that of the East. Most importantly, it is the Korean peninsula’s entertainment industry that is widely acclaimed all across the world. One would have to consume popular culture content and live under a rock to not know K-Pop music in this day and age. It is not surprising that the music industry from South Korea pallbearers this mass movement.


BLACKPINK for Billboard

Moreover, it is particularly the K-Pop bands that are taking the world by storm. It is no surprise that the record-breaking septet boy band BTS is actually dominating all charts worldwide. However, BLACKPINK, only seconded by BTS, is no less. In fact, few have been able to achieve the kind of popularity that the four young BLACKPINK members have achieved in such a short period since their debut. BLACKPINK near their 5th anniversary in less than 2 months. YG Entertainment, the band’s management agency has rolled out announcements for large-scale celebrations. Read on to find out more.

BLACKPINK The Movie 2021 – YG Announces Gifts For All BLINKS

Yesterday, we told you about YG Entertainment’s announcements regarding BLACKPINK’s anniversary celebrations. A new and exclusive website was launched, entirely dedicated to the celebrations. The entire anniversary project is called the [4+1 PROJECT]. This signifies the four members of the group and the 5 years that they have spent together. However, no other comments were made by YG thereafter.

On the 16th of June, 2021, rolling out the first set of announcements for the project, YG Entertainment announced ‘BLACKPINK The Movie’. Several K-Media reports state that the movie will basically look back at the time that the members have spent together. Moreover, the movie has apparently been divided into several sections. In BLACKPINK The Movie 2021, BLINKS will get the ‘Memories Room’ segment and the ‘Beauty’ segment. There will also be an ‘Undisclosed Special Interview’ section as a gift for all BLINKS in the movie.

In the various sections of BLACKPINK The Movie 2021, the members will certainly look back at all the time that they have spent together. However, that is not all. They will speak about their beauty secrets and give tips to the BLINKS. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa will also speak about many things that they have never discussed in the past.

The movie will be released worldwide in over 100 countries. It will be released via GGV ICECON. Several new and innovative digital features have been included in the movie. This is to provide BLINKS an unforgettable cinematic experience. There will be a ‘4DX’ feature that makes the audience feel like they are in the movie by using lights, wind, and even fragrances. In the meanwhile, the ‘Screen X’ feature offers a panoramic view with three side screens. We are excited for the 2021 BLACKPINK The Movie, are you?


In 2020, BLACKPINK released a documentary movie called ‘BLACKPINK – Light Up The Sky’ via Netflix. Here, the entire music-making process for the girls was shown in detail. The movie also brought out the individual personalities of all four members. The new project – BLACKPINK The Movie will also have several songs that the girls have performed in concerts across the world over the last few years.


BLACKPINK (credits: YG Entertainment)

Coming to the members of BLACKPINK, each of them is an established solo artist. Just earlier this year, Rosé released her first solo album ‘R’ which broke several records across the world. Lisa collaborated with iKON for a performance in Kingdom: Legendary War. We will hopefully see new music from her soon. Perhaps, there is something in the books for her and DJ Snake. We will know more with official announcements.

Jisoo is also all set to debut as an actress in her first K-Drama ‘Snowdrop’. It is slated to release later this year. Meanwhile, member Jennie already debuted in 2018. Hopefully, we will see new music from her soon. The announcement of BLACKPINK The Movie is only the beginning of the band’s fifth anniversary celebrations. Stay tuned to this page for further updates.

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