Blackpink Rosé Net Worth: Where Does She Spend Her Earnings?

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Rosé of Blackpink Net Worth 2022
Rosé of Blackpink Net Worth 2022 Cr: YG Entertainment

Fans are curious to know what is the net worth of Rosé of Blackpink in 2022. For the people who do not know about Rosé, she is a Kpop idol and a member of the worldwide famous group Blackpink. She was born in New Zealand and was raised in Australia, and as a result, she has the strongest English among all the other group members. The girl group has made a big impact across the whole globe, and the world is impressed by how much the group has achieved in such a short time.

Blackpink debuted on August 8, 2016, under the label YG Entertainment. The group has a total of four members named Jisoo (Kim Jisoo), Jennie (Kim Jennie), Rosé (Roseanne Park), and Lisa (Lalisa Manoban). The group also officially signed up with the U.S. Label Interscope Records.

If you know Rosè of Blackpink, then you definitely know that she has an extremely unique and soothing voice which always makes her fans go head over heels for the idol. Her vocal skills are no joke, and you cannot mark the difference between her recorded and live singing. Because it is just perfect! The idol herself is the embodiment of perfection, and fans always wait eagerly to hear more of her angelic voice. Plus, her Aussie accent is such a blessing to the ears, and fans melt hearing her voice. So let us check out what is the net worth of Rosé of Blackpink in the following article.

Rosé of Blackpink: How much does she earn?

The net worth of Rosé of Blackpink is estimated to be around 15 million US Dollars. She is one of the most famous multimillionaires of her generation and is highly successful. Her earnings come through her single album “-R-“, through which she did her solo debut. Along with this, her earnings are from the group’s albums, tours, concerts, and multiple endorsements.

Rosé of Blackpink Net Worth 2022
Rosé of Blackpink

Her lead single, which was titled “On The Ground” which was also a big success all around the world. It topped the Billboard Global 200, and it also entered the Top 10 in South Korea. She became the model for the Japanese cosmetic brand Kiss Me. She was made an ambassador for Tiffany & Co, and along with this, she is the Global Ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent, which is a French luxury brand and is a muse for the cosmetic brand. She has also endorsed the game named “Perfect World Mobile”, which is developed and distributed by Perfect World Entertainment.

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What does Rosé spend her on?

Rosé is known for her amazing fashion sense, and it is no doubt that many of her clothes and accessories are from luxury brands. She owns many luxury handbags from brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and also Yves Saint Laurent. Fans are very talented and estimated the total cost of all the bags combined to be around 65,000 US Dollars. In the collection, one of the most expensive handbags is a Satchel by Delvaux, which costs around 6,250 US Dollars. Fans have also spotted her shopping in various places as she is a big fan of shopping. She can either shop along with her group members or can also go solo shopping.

Rosé of Blackpink Net Worth 2022
Rosé of Blackpink modeling for Saint Laurent

We also know that the idol is a huge fan of playing guitars and covering songs. And so, she also bought a collection of guitars which includes two Fender Telecasters, a Martin 000-15, and a Gibson J200. One of her guitars is the limited edition Supreme Fender Stratocaster which costs around 10,000 US Dollars on eBay.

Hence, we can say that Rosé of Blackpink is one of the most successful idols of her age group and is extremely talented. Fans always shower their love and support on the idol and are eagerly waiting for her next project. The idol too is always showing her love to her fans and is always grateful for their support she does her best to show the best side of her to the fans and tries to polish her talent so that she can try to become an even better version of herself.

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