Blackpink OT4 Live – A Pleasant Surprise for All The Blinks!

Blackpink OT4 Live – A Pleasant Surprise for All The Blinks!
Blackpink OT4 Live

After a really long time, the whole OT4 gang is back together. Blackpink members recently went live together and the internet is literally crashed down with this surprising and very pleasant update. It is very true that all the fans out there were waiting eagerly for any kind of updates from the girls or YG Entertainment but the luck didn’t seem to be on their side until yesterday.

And, now the whole internet is flooded with all the screenshots and details about this brand new OT4 Live.

The wild reactions from all the Blinks out there are stacking up all the social media platforms. While some are sobbing over the cuteness of the girls, others are eagerly sharing all the talks the group members did on the live broadcast. Moreover, this came in as no surprise because this update from the group was really anticipated and awaited.

In the live, the members talked about various things and shared some pleasant moments with their fans. Of course, it was an adorable interaction to watch and everyone out there loved each bit of it.

Here we have put together all the details about this recent live broadcast. Let’s have a quick skim inside.

Blackpink OT4 Live: All About It

It finally seemed like the girl heard all the pleas of their fans flooding the whole internet. They went live on the VLIVE channel to reunite and interact with their lovely fans.

When the live started it was only Lisa and Jisoo in the frame but they were joined by Rose and Jennie really quick. It was a very pleasant surprise for all their fans out there as no one expected them to do a live together.

Throughout the live the members were full of their chaotic energy, goofing around with each other, talking to fans, and of course, posing for the screenshots. Many fans out there got really emotional after seeing the girls go live after so long.

Blackpink OT4 Live – A Pleasant Surprise for All The Blinks!
Vlive OT 4

Moreover, it became a double treat for all the Blinks out there when Jisoo uploaded two photos of all four members in one frame on her personal Instagram account. All four of them can be seen with giddy smiles on their faces.

“Blackpink” was the caption of the photo. And this gave out a very clear and powerful message out there that even though they are working on their individual projects but still their bond is as close as ever.

Blackpink OT4 Live – A Pleasant Surprise for All The Blinks!
Jisoo’s Instagram Post

Furthermore, this surprise live and content flow from the group has also raised many speculations. Many fans out there are coming up with the theories that maybe the group is up to something. Well, they were only assumptions from some of the fans out there. While many others are really content and happy with the fact that they finally got something from their beloved group which they can treasure close to their hearts.

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Blackpink: What Is Recent With the Members?

It is true that each member of Blackpink is pretty busy with their individual projects. They are working really hard to promote themselves and their group on the global level.

Jennie has given out a series of stunning looks to all her fans out there. Her work as a model and brand ambassador has become a boon to all her fans. Recently, she uploaded a vlog on her YouTube channel in which she is showing off her recent photoshoot with HERA.

Lisa is pretty busy with album promotions and advertisements. She has recently wrapped up all the schedules for her solo debut promotion. Both of her solo tracks i.e., “LALISA” and “MONEY” have broken and set many records both on the domestic and global levels.

Blackpink OT4 Live – A Pleasant Surprise for All The Blinks!

Moving to Jisoo then the eldest of the group is busy stacking up the internet with her splendid performance in the K-Drama “Snowdrop”. Starring next to Jung Hae In she has successfully won thousands of hearts with her sharp and amazing acting skills.

Lastly, Rose has recently collaborated with Calm, which is a popular sleep and meditation app. She has given voice to the collection of “Sleep Stories”. She has also mentioned that she is using that for herself too.

From all this, we can sum up that all the members have been very active and hard-working in their individual zones. But despite all of these they are also working together as a group.

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