Blacklist Season 5 Release Date On Netflix

Blacklist’s attempted spin-off, Blacklist: Redemption was unsuccessful with its attempt at renewal. However, the original made it, and it made a return with its fifth season. Blacklist season five was another brilliant season, and the show has been racking up the views. Now like every major TV show, fans are asking the question, “When is the show gonna come out on Netflix?”. Well, in this post, we are going to discuss that.

The show has been loved by the fans ever since its release, and it has only continued to grow bigger and bigger with each passing season. The fifth season had some really shocking moments, and the fans who didn’t watch it are in for a treat. Due to the popular demand of the series, the show is actually going to return with its sixth season. Well, that’s certainly big news, and I’m sure the fans will be excited to see how the sixth season unfolds.

Blacklist Season 5 Release Date On Netflix

Blacklist Season 5 Netflix

Moving back to the release date of the fifth season on Netflix. It has been confirmed that the fifth season will begin airing on Netflix on September 12, 2018. So, fans who wanted to watch the show on Netflix can do it after a few days. There’s another thing that I’d like to point out, and that is the sixth season is going to be released in 2018.

According to rumors, the sixth season is going to come out in late 2018. There has been no official news about the release date of season six. But, I’m pretty confident that we should be getting the release date pretty soon. The fans don’t like to be kept waiting, and the producers will have this thing kept in mind.

That’s all from me. We will keep you updated on the latest news regarding Blacklist. So, make sure to check our website.

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