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Black Summoner Anime Full Promo Revealed Cast & Staff

Black Summoner Anime Full Promo revealed Cast & Staff
Black Summoner Anime Full Promo revealed Cast and Staff

Every time we step into a new phase of the year, we get to see and hear many new updates. Like from the very beginning of 2022, we are getting new announcements from time to time-related to new releases and projects. But a special thing that is noticed in most of these announcements is that they are mostly about upcoming isekai anime series. From the very beginning of this year, we got to see anime isekai anime series such as ‘Life with an ordinary guy,’ Ya Boy Kongming’, ‘Skeleton Knight in another world’, and many others. One such anime series was announced in February 2022 by Bushiroad Production Studio.

The anime adaption of the Black Summoner light novel was announced along with a poster and a few cast. It’s been quite some time since then and finally, the creators have dropped out much other information about the anime. Black Summoner light novels have remained one of the most loved isekai anime series. Surprisingly, even though it was that popular, an anime adaption for it took very long to come. But now as it is finally announced we will get to stream it within this year. Black Summoner’s full promo has been released that reveals more cast, crew, and release dates for the anime.

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About Black Summoner

The series Black Summoner also known as Kuro no Shokanshi is known for being a novel series. It is created by Doufu Mayoi and was published by Shosetsuka ni Naro and was released on 6th October 2014. Its light novel adaption was released with the illustration of Kurogin. Light Novel was released on 25th June 2016 and till now has been collected into 15 volumes. Later, a manga adaption of the light novel was released, which was illustrated by Gin Ammo. It was published by Overlap publications and in January 2018, it released a collection of 11 tankobon volumes. The plot of the series is very clear due to it being a novel. It takes you around the life of the main character Kelvin. The protagonist was living a very sad life and he suddenly woke up in a strange place.

The place turns or to be new to him and things get really worried as he realized that he can’t recall anything. He is unable to recall any recollection of the memories from the previous life. However, this happened totally of his will as he sacrificed his memories for superpowers. Now we began to live his new life surrounded by new happening and fascinating battles.

Black Summoner Anime New Cast revealed

Black Summoner Anime New Cast

Black Summoner Cast

Black Summoner has a great plot and this story can only get better with some skilled cast. At the time when the anime of Black Summoner was announced some major casts were announced. That included Koki Uchiyama (Soul Eater, Fairy Tail, Beyblade) as Kelvin. Manaka Iwami (Demon Slayer, Fruits Basket, To Your Eternity) as Efil and Reina Ueda (Dr. Stone, Takt Op. Destiny, Kaguya Sama) as Melfina. Now along with the full promo of the Black Summoner anime, a few more cast has been revealed.

In the anime, we will further get to see Randhi as Clotho, and Yosuke Akimoto ( Naruto Shippuden, Uzaki-Chan, The Sacred Blacksmith). Then we have Minori Suzuki (I’m Quitting Heroing, Digimon, Deaimon) as Sera. Further, we got Yume Miyamoto (teasing master Takagi san, Tomodachi Game) as Rion and Konomi Inagaki as Ange.

Black Summoner Anime Promo revealed new cast and staff

Black Summoner Anime new poster

Black Summoner Full Promo and Staff

On 17th April 2022, the official youtube channel of Overlap studio dropped a full promo of the upcoming anime series Black Summoner. Along with this, a new visual poster has also been released. The promo showed Kelvin sleeping on a grassy land in the beginning later he got transferred to a fantasy world. Further, we got to see many many characters that look super cool. The promo also revealed the release date and more staff for the production of the series. Black Summoner anime is set for July 2022 but a particular release date is yet to be revealed. 

The promo revealed the main staff for the anime as Sachiko Oohashi as a Sub Character Designer, Ko Inaba as a Prop Designer, Kenji Kato as Art Setting. Further, we have Eri Suzuki as Color Key Artist and Natsumi Uchida as Compositing Director of Photography. Then we have Shuji Matsumoto as Editor, Hiroyuki Goto as CGI Supervisor, Reina Nakamura as CGI Director, and Flying Dog for Music Production.

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