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Black Summer Season 2 Ending Explained

Black Summer Season 2 Ending Explained

Black Summer, Netflix’s zombie action-survival series, was able to please many of the zombie genre fans when it was premiered back in 2019. This was because of the style of the show in the minimalist narrative, yet an engaging one.  Following the success of Season One, season two of the show was released on June 17th and once again make the fans trust this show for its capability in delivering an unforgiving post-apocalyptic series around. Since season 2 is over, we can look at Black Summer Season 2 Ending Explained.

In this season, we saw that hardships were faced by all the characters, and season two of the show come to an unpleasant ending. This season was filled with thrilling sequences and became darker than the first edition. Black Summer Season 2 Ending will be Explained today, thus covering all of your confusion regarding the ending of the show and even look at the possibilities of a new season for Black Summer. Do note that this article will contain spoilers for the show, so if you haven’t watched the show yet, do watch the show first from Netflix, as spoilers are called spoilers for a reason.

Black Summer Season 2 Ending Explained

In Season two of the show, we saw the story of Rose, played by Jaime King, and Anna struggling to find a safer place from the apocalypse, just like they were struggling in Season one. This time, the team took a rural airstrip to stay safe from the attack of the dead. While they were staying at the airstrip, they were looking forward to making contact with the place that has been providing them occasional supplies through drops in the area. It’s not only Rose and her team members that are looking forward to making contact with this place there are some others too.

After a violent run-in from a well-armed militia group which was a runner by a man named Ray, played by Bobby Naderi,  we saw Rose and her daughter Anna, played by Zoe Marlett, getting separated from their companions Sun, played by Christine Lee, as she was taken as a prisoner, and Spears, played by Justin Chu Cary being shot and left for dead. Ross and Anna are struggling to be out of sight from the militia and, at the same time, are struggling to find a much safer place out in the wilderness.

Black Summer Season 2 set

Both of them finally was able to find a crew, but the ending wasn’t a good one for season two of the show. The show had many subplots and diversions during Season 2 of Black Summer. But the key plot was that everyone was trying to make their way into the plane despite the faction or the enmity. Since everyone wanted to escape the apocalyptic world and to be in a safe and secure place. Only Sun, who everyone saw was the left out one, was ultimately the one who was able to reach the plane. And others ended up either dead or incapacitated before they had the chance.

Black Summer Season 2: Through The Characters


We all saw how Rose was trying hard to find her daughter Anna throughout Season 1 and thus was able to understand a lot about her. And when they found each other, that was a very emotional moment for the show as a whole in season one. In season two, the dynamic has changed. In the episode titled The Lodge, viewers were able to get some more insight into the mother and daughter relationship, slowing down the usual relentless action of the series. We could also see Rose explaining to Spears that she can only look out for her, no one else. And her life has only one meaning, and that’s Anna.


Season 2 helped us to understand more about Anna. We get to understand that Anna is every bit Rose’s daughter. Rose, throughout season two, was trying hard to protect her daughter, just as she told Spears. While was Anna quite the opposite to Rose, as she refused to take part in the temporary comforts in the lodge when they arrive at the lodge. Thus Anna stays up all night driven by paranoia, patrolling the halls for intruders since she strongly believed that there were other peoples who are hiding in the massive building somewhere.

When Anna saw Spears the next day, she realized that his wounds were terminal. Spears requests anna to save him from his misery, making her on the edge of emotions, but she decided to help him and put him out of his misery, she didn’t waste much time hesitating or consulting with her mother regarding what to do, she straight up helped Spears to say goodbye to the world. And as expected, this decision caused tension between Anna and Rose, and in the frantic final episode of The Plane, we all could understand how strong their bond is no matter what has happened between them.

In this episode, we saw Rose imploring Anna and Sun to get on the arriving plane without her since she was injured. At first, Anna follows Rose’s orders but ultimately decides to turn back to save her mother. If you remember, back in season one, Rose also refused to let Anna be lost. Just as the mother is the daughter


Sun’s story throughout Black Summer was mostly in captive’s narrative. Since Sun only speaks Korean and only minimal English, she has always been at the mercy of others, among her allies also. In Season 2, we saw her being captured by Ray’s militia. It was very sad to see that she is left out in the already cruel and selfish world. While she may not be great in her English, she was always resourceful, adaptable, and hopeful, and thus she always tried to be an advantage of the group.

Interestingly, among many of the many people from all of the factions who were fighting against each other to make it onto the plane, Sun was the one who was actually able to get on board. She was even surprised to see the pilot being a Korean as he responded to her when she said something in Korean.  This was a huge relief for Sun, and we saw her talking in Korean that she woke up every day thinking she will meet someone who will understand her.

For now, it seems like Sun has found a happy ending, but we still can’t conclude this as those who have watched Black Summer will know what the show is about, and it doesn’t entertain sentiments a lot. Sun has gone through a lot throughout the series. Also, we still don’t know who actually is the pilot and for whom he actually works. She doesn’t even know where they are heading into, since the whole world has been doomed, it’s still doubtful that there will be a safe and secure place. Let’s hope that they are not heading to a camp where it is ruled by a dictator since we have seen this happening in many Zombie genre series.


Ray was introduced to the second season of the show, and he turned out to be the biggest addition to the series. We saw that Ray is a brutally effective leader as he was able to successfully led his militia through several skirmishes against rival groups. But for some, his brutality has exceeded more than his efficiency and capability. This could be the reason why Ray was betrayed by his men when they all reached the airstrip. Not only do they mutiny against his leadership, but they also beat him up on account of him treating his men like dogs.

While the airstrip was in chaos, a zombie was able to break into the hangar they’re in, thus rising the chaos of bullets and blood. However, Rose, Anna, Sun, and Ray could escape from the hanger and lock it from outside, trapping the rest of the men in. Ray then entered into delivering a scathing monologue to Rose and the others. As a result of this, Rose then uses a flare gun to blow up a nearby car, and thus seriously injuring both her and Ray.

Black Summer Season 2 Ending Explained

The ending leaves a lot of scope for another season because the story hasn’t actually seen a finale but actually gives many questions on what happened to Rose and Ray. The last time we saw, both Ray and Rose were badly injured, Anna was still sitting inside the car instead of helping her mother against Ray. We saw Sun flying away from the airstrip, which seems to have awarded her a safe ending?

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