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Black Rock Shooter Downfall Anime: All That Was Announced

Black Rock Shooter Downfall: All Details Announced

If you are into action anime series, then Black Rock Shooter Downfall is totally for you. With mysteries and action in full package, this anime series is finally making its comeback. Based on the original character Black Rock Shooter, illustrated by huke, this series will be broadcasting this year.

The Black Rock Shooter (TV) was first aired in the year 2012. While the anime aired, it was also awarded the Technical Achievement in Broadcast Animation at the 65th Motion Picture. Also winning the Television Engineering Society of Japan Awards in 2012, Black Rock Shooter had been adapted in some browser games and made guest appearances in other video game franchises.

And, did you know that the popular voice actor Yui Ishikawa, who voiced Mikasa Ackerman from the Attack on Titan series, will be voicing characters in one of the Black Rock Shooter Downfall characters too? Tangled with fate, what will the series Black Rock Shooter Downfall hold? Will the characters be the same? Or, will the plot change? Let’s look into such details.

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Black Rock Shooter Downfall: Story

Mato Kuroi and Yomi Takanashi are two friends who first met in high school. Having discovered each other’s common interests, they both became really good friends. But, in the alternate universe, Mato (as Black Rock Shooter) and Yumi (as Dead Master) appear to have parallel beings. As their fate entangles, how will both the girls solve this big issue in their hands? Can they come out unscathed?

Well, that was the story of Black Rock Shooter because the first is connected with the second; that introduction was necessary. The new series of Black Shooter leans towards a post-apocalypse. With varying iterations, the Downfall series will include scenes where the leads have to go toe-in-toe around the ruined world. This sounds exciting, doesn’t it? So, when will the series air?

Black Rock Shooter Downfall: Release Date

The anime series, Black Rock Shooter Downfall, is about to start broadcasting from Spring 2022. Basically, around the month of April 2022. Also, the series will stream on Japanese terrestrial stations and on Disney+.

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Black Rock Shooter Downfall New PV

The series’ latest PV has come out, and it’s so thrilling. The action scenes are as captivating as life-threatening. That’s because, just when you feel someone is bound to get hurt now, they don’t and instead spring up and fight more intensely. Also, the VA cast has given their best because, more than the scenes, the voices make it intriguing. By the way, who is the cast? Let’s now have a look at the voice actors that are preparing to give their best.

Black Rock Shooter Downfall Cast

The cast for the series includes:

Yui Ishikawa VA of Empress

While unable to stop being curious about the mysterious yet beautiful project, Yui is looking forward to her work and has also asked the fans to do the same.

Black Rock Shooter Downfall: All Details Announced

Yui Ishikawa also the VA of Mikasa Ackerman, Attack on Titan

Saori Hayami VA of Dead Master

While indulging in her work, which for her seems static and dynamic from the first episode itself, Saori is making sure that fans who are new can also watch the series and understand it, which will start premiering soon.

Black Rock Shooter Downfall: All Details Announced

Saori Hayami also the VA of Shinobu Kocho, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

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Megumi Han VA of Strength

Not revealing anything important, Megumi has commented on how glad she is to have gotten a chance to work with a series like Black Rock Shooter Downfall.

Black Rock Shooter Downfall: All Details Announced

Megumi Han also the VA of Akko Kagari, Little Witch Academia

Also, while the main casts are already mentioned, as revealed by the official site, ZAQ, the artist who will be in charge of the opening theme, has brought to light that this series is truly dynamic and praiseworthy. Rather than asking the fans to look forward to it, she, instead, commented “Let’s enjoy it together.”

Black Rock Shooter Downfall

Black Rock Shooter

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