Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall Episode 6 is what we will talk about. In April 2022, an anime was released which was neither adapted from a manga nor any light novel. This anime is called Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall. Although this anime has received major popularity due to this anime, it has been adapted into previous forms of media including a game.

Black Rock Shooter was created based on the illustrations by Huke, short for Ryohei Fuke. These illustrations were so famous that they inspired a song called “Black Rock Shooter” by Supercell featuring Hatsune Miku. In 2010, these illustrations also inspired an Original Video Animation worth 50 minutes produced by Ordet studio. A year later, a game, as well as a manga, was added to the franchise.

In 2012, an anime was made and the franchise also released a second game. Thus, Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall is a sequel to the first anime as well as is mostly based on the game. So far the series has released 5 episodes and the 6th episode will be out very soon!


As mentioned above, the entire franchise focuses on a female character, who is dressed in all black with one blazing blue eye. This character gives off a mysterious aura captivating the people around her. Not only this but she is a skilled fighter, often handling a powerful cannon-like gun. Although this mysterious girl, named Black Rock Shooter, is the central character of the franchise, each form of media introduces us to new characters as well as different stories. Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall’s plot is similar to the game, which is set in the year 2062.

Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall
Dead Master

Empress, the name Black Rock Shooter is called, is woken up in this futuristic dystopian world that has been taken over by machines. These machines are controlled by an artificial intelligence being called Artemis. After Artemis went against humans, she deployed these machines to create a ruckus on humanity, as a result capturing them. Empress, along with her friends Dead Master and Strength, has to defend humanity by fighting off Artemis and her robots.

Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5, named “Drink because you are happy”, mostly focuses on the character Strength. The episode opens with Strength thinking about her childhood friendship with Empress which turns into a traumatic memory. This causes her to get even drunker, till she eventually pukes. Suddenly, we are introduced to Norito who is crying to Strength for help as Miya is kidnapped.

Just when she was ready to refuse, Strength and Norita are attacked by EI’s soldiers. This causes them both to escape. With her weapons destroyed, Strength has no choice but to get involved in the situation. Meanwhile, Empress and Dead Master find out that Miya will be used as a sacrifice after entering the EI’s base. This creates the urgency to save Miya.

Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall

Without her weapons, Strength becomes cranky and deems herself useless until Norita assures her otherwise. However, when the time comes, Norita hands Strength over to the EI soldiers. This exchange was bound to set Miya free, or so Norita thought. But this was a part of his escape plan, as he tried to save her which in turn allowed her to create a partial weapon.

However, at this point Strength was angry at human beings but still decided to save Norita. This is when things reach their climax as Empress and Dead Master enter the scene and help Strength create her weapons again. The final part of the episode shows Empress and Strength riding off on a motorcycle to Smiley’s base to where Miya is kept, hoping that she is alright. Sadly, the episode ends with Smiley sexually assaulting Miya.

Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall Episode 6 Release Date

The next episode for Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall, which is Episode 6, will release on the 8th of May 2022. The title of this episode will be “Collapse” and it will continue the story of the journey Empress and her group are going on to save Miya. Further episodes of Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall will be airing every Sunday at 23:00 (JST).

Where can you watch Black Rock Shooter?

You can watch Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall on Disney Plus.

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