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Spoilers & Recap: Black Monday Season 3 Episode 9

Spoilers For Black Monday Season 3 Episode 9
From Black Monday Season 3 Episode 8 Featuring Blair, Mo, Keith, Dawn and Yassir

Remember, Netflix has turned the heat up for the slasher genre again with its recent Fear Street trilogy. Now, Showtime’s Black Monday Season 3 Episode 9 teases we are about to see something similar in their own universe. Recently on the show, Mo and his friends struggled to bid adieu to Dawn. But things went down more heavily when Larry dropped a truth bomb that he owns the label now. This turned things around for a second and destroyed the party Mo had planned for Dawn. Why? Because she overheard every single thing.

Apart from the main plot of the previous episode, Blair was struggling through the whole episode to apologize to his friends. Especially Mo, but for a reason or two, Blair never managed to get it right. To the point that even Mo kicked him out of the group. But at the end of the day, things were sorted as the group’s plan to threaten Larry worked. But he promised to retaliate. Now a serial killer is on the loose and might be coming after Mo and his friends. So what’s about to go down? Let’s find out.

Black Monday Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

Previously on Black Monday, we opened with Tiff hunting Blair down as she has a surprise for her. Blair believes she is here to kill him, but all she was trying was to pamper him. This even leads Blair to confess how he messed up things with his old friends. Then Tiffy goes to give some much-needed advice to him. On the other side, Mo and Dawn are finally getting along after the fallout they had in previous episodes.

Recap For Black Monday Season 3

From Black Monday Season 3 Episode 8 Featuring Blair and Mo

Taking the advice of Tiffany, Blair goes to meet his friends in person. But amidst the going away party of Dawn. This kind of gets messed up with even Keith showing up at the wrong time. Then Larry too. Blair wants forgiveness and Keith a job. They both get it until Larry drops a bomb for Keith about Keith’s firing, which means no one can hire Keith except him. The reason, Keith messed up with Pffafasion’s IPO. This way, Larry owns Kokomo Records, and he is not planning to send Dawn anytime soon. Dawn overhears it leaving everyone sad.

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Courtney confronts Tiffany for leaving the company afloat and messing with the IPO. Tiffany confesses that the business doesn’t interest her, but Courtney is quite angry. A game of insults begins with a fight insulating. Mo and his friends are figuring out a strategy to takedown Larry. The only thing is, Mo’s plan is really confusing, leading to arguments. In turn, they become serious, especially between Mo and Blair. So the only way they prefer now is threatening Larry to push him off the building. Larry ends up confessing his mistakes.

Events From Previous Episode That May Affect Black Monday Season 3 Episode 9

From Black Monday Season 3 Episode 8 Featuring Larry and Yassir

Larry promises to take Keith down with him. Keith agrees for all the downfall for Mo to get his label back. Tiffany and Blair get along. Meanwhile, Mo and the company celebrate their victory. Also, they decided to forgive Blair and invite him as well. The episode closes in with somebody shooting Tiffany down in a club and Mo and his group discovering Larry’s dead body.

Black Monday Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date and Spoilers

Black Monday Season 3 Episode 9 is releasing on 25 July 2021 and will air on Showtime at 10 PM ET/PT. The show might have the same amount of episodes as previous seasons, so one more before the finale. So expect a new episode for Black Monday Season 3 the next Sunday that may or may not wrap the season following the ninth. Black Monday Season 3 Episode 9 can also be streamed on Showtime’s Official Website via cable or could be bought on V-O-D services such as Amazon Prime Video and YouTube TV.

The official synopsis of Black Monday Season 3 Episode 9 hints that we will see Mo celebrating his Bachelor Party. So expect everyone in. The venue will be a cabin in the woods. So let’s not forget, an unknown killer is on the loose, as seen at the end of the previous episode. So expect a classic slasher-inspired episode that may see Mo and his friends being hunted by this anonymous individual for some reason. Also, it was teased that Keith might also come across as someone unexpected. Is it the same as the killer? We will see in the upcoming ninth episode of Black Monday Season 3.

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