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Spoilers & Preview: Black Monday Season 3 Episode 7

What To Expect From Black Monday S03E07?
From Black Monday S03E06 Featuring Maurice Monroe aka Mo

Black Monday Season 3 Episode 7 may see Mo trying to figure out where his love belongs. Recently on the show, we discovered there was a chance he might have been proposing Dawn for the third time in the past. Despite their relationships not working out. That’s why he bought the birthstone for her. But he gifted it to Nomi, which sounds crazy because her birth month is different. The moment he saw it on Dawn’s neck turned it all around. Dawn believes she is trying to save Nomi, whereas Mo thinks she rejected him, and that’s why he found the love of his life in Nomi.

Things ended up with Blair apologizing to everyone for getting them locked in the last episode. He believed someone was trying to attack him, and it was one of Mo, Keith, Dawn, Yassir, and Wayne. But no, they were all clear and let go. But this lock-up did bring up some great conversations and opinions, which may affect the future episodes of Black Monday Season 3. So before we look at episode 7, let’s break down what happened previously on the show.

Black Monday Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

Previously on Black Monday, we opened up with Maurice Monroe trying to recruit his friends for a night out. But everyone avoids, and moments later, he is arrested and locked in with the same group of friends of his. We have Mo, Keith, Dawn, Yassir, and Blair in the mix. No one knows the reason they are brought here. A game of blaming begins with everyone recapping each other’s past deeds. It goes from bank robbery to Black Monday and finally to the time everyone had a safe exit. This comes to Blair, who always got away with everything. There is a standoff until Blair is taken away by cops.

Events Of Previous Episode That May Affect Black Monday S03E07

From Black Monday S03E06 Featuring Maurice Monroe aka Mo and Blair

The moment Blair steps out, we realize it was Blair’s plan to trap all of them in and observe them. He believes one of them is trying to kill him. He watches them all discussing Blair’s deeds and how he could be hiding a lot. Meanwhile, things go worse inside when Mo finds out Dawn and Yassir were about to go to his fiance’s album release party and were lying to him. Blair’s patience breaks, so FBI Officer sends Wayne in this time to break them down.

What Went Down in Black Monday S03E06?

From Black Monday S03E06 Featuring Maurice Monroe aka Mo and Blair

As they settle down with this new Wayne they are meeting, he points out some mysteries around the people here. Mo takes an interest in Dawn’s necklace, which is definitely the one he bought for Nomi. Conclusion to discussion comes to the fact that Mo might have wanted to propose Dawn before he met Nomi. Meanwhile, somehow the guys start to turn around clean while Blair feels more like a suspect, and the FBI sends him in. Blair reveals everything, and the episode comes to an end with revelations. Finally, everyone sounding not suspicious and let go with a blast from Wayne’s car.

Black Monday Season 3 Episode 7 Release Date and Spoilers

Black Monday Season 3 Episode 7 is releasing on 11 July 2021 and will air on Showtime at 10 PM ET/PT. We are hoping Black Monday will have the same amount of episodes as the previous season. So we will be waiting for three more to come. So expect a new episode for Black Monday Season 3 every Sunday following the seventh. Black Monday Season 3 Episode 7 can also be streamed on Showtime’s Official Website via cable. You can also buy and rent episodes of Black Monday Season 3 along with the coming seventh episode on V-O-D services such as Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube TV.

The official synopsis for Black Monday Season 3 Episode 7 says we will see Mo and Dawn working through their relationship. During the revelations part of the previous episode, Mo recognized the necklace she was wearing. There was a chance Mo could’ve ended up with Dawn after three times trying to be with her. But failed, and now they need to sort things out. Especially Mo who needs to figure out if he wants to be with Nomi or Dawn. There is also Dawn who thinks differently of him trying to save her friend. Meanwhile, we may also see Keith and Mike trying to get together. Until then, check out the official promo for the second half of Black Monday Season 3 below.

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