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Black-ish Season 7 Episode 17 Preview and Recap

Andre Johnson is the lead character of the Johnson family in Black-ish and they have been keeping us entertained for a long time now. With season 7 ashore, there is still a lot to uncover from the story that will satisfy our anticipation regarding the lives of our favorite people on screen. Kenya Barris serves in the form of a creator of this series. For the first time, we saw this series appear on television and being appreciated by the fans for its brand new concept, back on the 24th of September 2014.

Well, since then, Black-ish has been immensely popular among the audiences as well as the critics because of how well its story has been executed. The proof lies in the fact that we have had six seasons of the show and the seventh one is currently airing right now. The main concept of this series lies in the personal issues as well the social ones that all the members have to face while living in America. The production of the series has been done under the banner of ABC Studios but for the seventh one, ABC Signature has undertaken the job.

Black-ish season 7 episode 17 Release Date and Spoilers

Black-ish – a still

Black-ish season 7 – Success of the show

Also, you guys should know that the series has received loads of praises from the people who watched it, for being so unique in its own form. Well, of course, because Black-ish has the ability to hook its viewers onto the plot from day one. Even the Emmy as well as the Golden Globe Awards have nominated Black-ish for being one of the most Outstanding Comedy Series. A TCA Award was handed over to the show for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy. Back when we were still in May of 2020, the officials at ABC provided Black-ish a green light to create the next batch of episodes that will make up season 1.

This installment came out on the 21st of October 2020. Even a spinoff series has been created after analyzing the success gained by the show. It is called Grown-ish that focuses on the life of Yara Shahidi as she goes on to start her life in college. But everything gets hard to handle as soon as she realizes that living away from home is not as easy as she thought it might be. Also, the fact that there is a second spin-off of the show shows us the past of Bow as well as her biracial family dating back to the 80s.

Black-ish season 7 Cast

Now, given the fact that the show has had so many seasons till now plus the spin-offs, it is safe to say that the series has been extremely popular among the fans. Another reason that contributes to this fact has to be the ensemble cast members that have been employed by the creators that play a major part in bringing all the characters to life. The list includes Anthony Anderson reprising the role of Andre Johnson. He is the head of the Johnson family. Then we have Tracee Ellis Ross enacting the character of Dr. Rainbow Johnson. She is the wife of Andre and works as an anesthesiologist.

Yara Shahidi does the part of Zoey Johnson. Marcus Scribner reprises the role of, Andre Johnson Junior. Miles Brown enacts the character of Jackson Johnson. Marsai Martin does the part of Diane Johnson. August and Berlin Gross reprising the role of Devante Johnson since the third season of the series. Anna Deavere Smith enacts the character of Alicia Johnson. She is the mother of Bow and is a widow. Deon Cole does the part of Charlie Telphy.

Black-ish Season 7 Episode 17 Release Date and Spoilers

Black-ish Season 7 Episode 17 will be released on 6th April 2021 and is titled ‘Move-In Ready’. We will witness Junior is more than determined to leave the house and instead move in with Olivia. All this time, Andre as well as his coworkers too are advising him against the decision but he does not heed them attention. Also, Bow has a new challenge for Dre. She wants her husband to get comfortable in his alone time.

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