Black-ish Season 5 Episode 2: Don’t You Be My Neighbor

In this post, we are going to talk about Black-ish season 5 episode 2 release date, where to watch, and spoilers. The show is about to premiere, but we know that you might want to know about what is going to happen after the first episode. By the way, the first episode itself is going to be fun. More than everything, I would love to see Bow and Dre together, as they had a lot of feuds in the last season. So, let’s get started with further details!

The second episode of returning show Black-ish season 5 is projected to release on 23 October 2018. The show will be broadcasted on ABC channel at 9 PM every Tuesday. The show is available on the ABC app too, which is ABC’s official way to watch all the ABC shows online! Moreover, there are several online options such as Hulu, Roku, Sling, where you can stream ABC channel and watch Black-ish.

The show literally makes us chuckle and cackle frequently while watching each episode. Not just that, the show even has a nice story and good characters which are cherry on the cake. There is a lot to say, and the even first episode will have viewers left dissolved into laughter.

The main attraction will be Junior, who was to have a gap year from college. His parents will drop him to college, and when they return, they will spot him at home already. It will leave viewers in chuckles for sure.

Coming on to the second episode, we will see that the neighbors are renting their houses. Newcomers and guests will surely be irritating for Johnsons, and it would be hilarious to see how do they react to this situation.

Moreover, Dre is going to have some embarrassing moments, which he finds funny, as he calls cops for the minor neighborhood problems. Also, Diane will be seen falling in love with someone, and she might need a guide as per Bow. But she will let Zoey do that, as she does not want to make things awkward.

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