Black Clover Episode 62 – Those Who Boost Each Other

In the previous episode of Black Clover, Asta and Mars managed to save Fana from something that was done to him by Licht. In the end, everyone was victorious against the Eye of the Midnight Sun and the Diamond Kingdom’s attack. The Black Bulls defeated another member of the Three Eyes. However, they seem to forget someone, and that someone is going to wreck them in Black Clover episode 62.

In the next episode, there would be the usual after-battle moments where Asta got beaten by his team. Fana will also remember some of her “own” memories and how Licht actually has done something to her. She will have moments with Mars and that will make Finral jealous. However, this moment will be cut short when Ladros appears and attacks everyone in the area. Ladros is about to attack Mars again, but Asta will get on his way.

Black Clover Episode 62

Ladros will try to talk Asta to his side, but Asta will not let any of his bluffs because he will be the Magic Emperor of the Clover Kingdom. Because of this, Ladros decided to just wreck Asta then and there. The battle is one-sided. Asta cannot attack Ladros and Ladros cannot attack Asta. Asta decided to just throw his sword to Ladros, which in turn, weakened Ladros ala Vetto style. Asta will have his usual talk about friendship and will try to convince Ladros that friends are important.

When Asta is about to knock him off, Ladros used his magic to catapult himself of Fana and held her hostage. Ladros will force Fana to produce a huge magic power so he can absorb it. After absorbing Fana’s magic, Ladros became indestructible and injured Asta. When everything’s going south, Asta will lose his consciousness and we will see the demon in his clover for the first time. After this, Asta will transform into his new badass form. That’s it for Black Clover episode 62. See you in the next episode spoilers.


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