Black Clover Episode 60 – Defector’s Atonement

With Asta’s special move in the last episode, even Salamander, the most powerful elemental spirit, was erased by Asta’s sword. The Black Bulls not only annihilated the Eye of the Midnight Sun forces, but they managed to give one of the “Third Eye” a hard time with just four members. In Black Clover episode 60, we will finally see what happened to Fanzell and his fight against his old students.

Black Clover episode 60

The episode will start with Asta and the others celebrating because they seemingly defeated Fana. Meanwhile, Fanzell will have a mini-reunion with his old students. He will try to convince his former students to turn back and avoid battle, but the two will not budge. Because of this, he will decide to face Ladros and Mars alone, taking the small fries down with his Emperor of Slashing Winds – Winter Wind attack. Mars and Ladros do not move to help their comrades. Mariella will help him defeat all the other men with the help of the witches from the Witch Forest.

Thinking that attacking the enemies inside the forest will be fun, Ladros will try to attack them. However, Fanzell will not let him through and will block him from entering the forest by attacking his former student. Fanzell will remember his time in the academy; he remember how Mars is the best student he ever had, and how Ladros is good at using reinforcement magic.

Black Clover episode 60

Mars will join in the fray, but he will be pushed back by Fanzell’s attack. Fanzell will then attack Ladros with everything that he got. To his surprise, the Ladros absorbed all his magic power and he used it to create a million lasers that attack everyone. Fanzell tried to get to Domina’s side in an instant, but he is too late and Domina is already injured. Before Ladros can kill Domina, Mars stepped up to protect her.

Why would Mars protect someone from their enemy? And will he meet Fana again? We will know more in Black Clover episode 60. Stay tuned for the next episode, it would be a blast.

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