Black Clover Episode 59 – Flames Of Hatred

Now that Asta’s arms were healed, the Black Bulls are ready to once again clash against the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Meanwhile, Fanzell and the others are fighting against the Diamond Kingdom forces. With Fana and her Salamander, will Asta and the rest of the Black Bulls have a chance to win in Black Clover episode 59?

Black Clover Episode 59 – Asta’s New Technique

Fana will be angered by Asta because of the events last episode. Because of this, she will show her real power with Salamander’s Talon. The attack will leave a wide scale destruction. Vanessa and Finral are shaken up but Asta came out of nowhere and slashed Salamander itself. Since Salamander is made up of mana, Asta’s anti-magic sword can damage it. Of course, Fana will be enraged again by this.

Because of Asta’s clean hit, Finral and Vanessa thought that the kid has a chance of winning. This fired both of them up and is ready in another battle against one of the Third Eyes. However, they will be surprised when Asta decided to invite Fana to talk things out. Asta will demand explanation on why their organization hates the Clover Kingdom. When Fana attacked again, Asta pinned Fana with his swords and ask why can’t they just understand each other.

black clover episode 59

Asta’s words will trigger Fana’s memories about Licht and his friend, the first Wizard King. Turns out that humans betrayed Licht’s people, including Fana, Vetto, and the others.Because of this, Fana’s third eye was triggered and he attacked Asta once again, but instead of fire magic, Fana used diamond magic. In response to Fana’s third eye, Salamander became bigger and more powerful.

Salamander’s magic power keeps swelling, the heat that it emits can even reach Asta and the others who are thrown because of Salamander’s impact. Asta decided to use his special move. What’s his special move? We will know in Black Clover episode 59.

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