Black Clover Episode 56 – Fanzell Meets The Black Bulls

In the previous episode of Black Clover, the man named Fanzell was introduced as Asta’s master when it comes to his swordsmanship. The last episode revealed that Fanzell is actually looking for his wife Dominante but is betrayed by his student in the Diamond Kingdom. In Black Clover episode 56, he will once again stumble with Asta in the Black Bulls base.

Black Clover Episode 56 Spoilers

In Black Clover episode 56, Fanzell and Asta will soon meet again when Asta is already a member of the Black Bulls squad. For some reason, Fanzell will encounter the Black Bulls base by chance, and hence, being reunited with his former student. With Asta’s nature, it is expected that he will introduce Fanzell to his friends in the Black Bulls, hence, why Noelle and Finral know him.

Black Clover Episode 56Fanzell is still searching for his wife, Dominante, and it seems like he doesn’t still have any clue about her whereabouts. Fortunately, he will see Noelle use her wand for some reason. The wand, which what Noelle uses to control offensive attacks, is a wand that was made by his wife. It can be remembered that Noelle got the wand from Vanessa during their tour at the underground market. It seems like Dominante was (or is still) there and Fanzell is glad to pick up some clue.

Black Clover Episode 56

With another clue about his wife, Fanzell’s new destination is confirmed. But before everything else, those who attacked him is back to give him yet another chase. This time, it seems like Asta, Noelle, and the others will join him fighting. And as per the preview images, it seems like they will also join in finding Dominante.

And that’s it for Black Clover episode 56 spoilers. After this mini-arc, we will finally be in the new arc.  Stay tuned for the next spoilers and news about the series.

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