Black Clover Episode 52 – Clover Kingdom VS Diamond Kingdom Spoilers

Just a day after their Water Temple adventure, the Black Bulls (some of them) are on the battlefield again. Kiten, a town near the border of the Clover Kingdom, is being attacked by the Diamond Kingdom. Although the Golden Dawn Magic Knights are already in the scene, it seems like there’s no way for Asta to Yuno to not meet again. In Black Clover episode 52, each will show the other how far they have grown in less than a year.

Black Clover Episode 52 – The Power Of William Vengeance

First thing first, other Golden Dawn Magic Knights will be seen fighting members of the Diamond Kingdom. Yuno will fight against Ragus, who will be overwhelmed to witness how powerful Yuno’s magic is. Meanwhile, Lotus will inform the three shining generals that William Vengeance is planning to unleash a very powerful attack. Just after he gave his report, a giant tree sprouted in the middle of nowhere, defeating all the mages flying in the air.

Black Clover episode 52

After Yami and the others arrived in the Kiten, Asta and Charmy are surprised to see a huge tree in the middle of the field. It turns out that this is William Vengeance’s magic, World Tree Magic. He can create and manipulate trees using the mana around him, even the mana of his enemies. He was able to wipe out the army of the Diamond Kingdom just by creating a big tree out of thin air.

Meanwhile, Yagos if fighting against Lower Tier Magic Knights using his slime magic. All those enclosed in his slime magic is powerless because none of their spells work. However, Langris took care of him using his spatial magic, which, to put it in simple worlds, destroys every target.

Black Clover episode 52

Meanwhile, after defeating Ragus, Yuno will notice Asta and his squadmates who just arrived. They’re really happy to see each other, and even Bell will be jealous. That’s it for Black Clover episode 52. The more exciting episode will come after this, so stay tuned for more spoilers.

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