Black Clover Episode 49 – Beyond Limits

The Black Bulls VS Eye of the Midnight Sun Vetto is nearing its end. Asta finally made a clear strike and it seems like a celebration is about to come next. But would Vetto go down easily and let the Black Bulls take the victory? The climax of the Water Temple Arc will be featured in Black Clover episode 49.

Black Clover Episode 49 – Despair Eating Demon

In the last part of the last episode, Asta finally struck his sword, fatally wounding Vetto. Because of Finral’s warp magic and Vanessa’s thread magic, Asta’s movements were hard to read and it gave one opening against Vetto. However, it seems like one stab of Anti-Magic sword is not enough to bring one of the top brass of the Eye of the Midnight Sun to the ground.

Black Clover Episode 49

He will then bestow the greatest despair to Asta. Catching the boy off-guard, he used beast magic grip to Asta’s hand and breaking his bones into powder. Believing that he crushed Asta’s hope and put him into despair, Asta will look at him in the eye and tell him “it’s not over yet”. Vanessa and Finral will pull him back to safety, with Vanessa’s thread magic holding Asta’s arms in place to hold his swords.

The sword which is still stuck into Vetto’s body is absorbing his magic and weakening him. Because of this, his perception and instinct are slowing down which enabled Asta and co. to launch an attack against him. He is then reminded that no one surrendered at him yet and no one fell into despair. Defeated and on the ground, Vetto will remember his past and will do the same self-destruct magic that Licht tried to pull earlier in the series.

Yami To The Rescue

Vetto’s self-destruct magic is not something that Asta and the others could beat. If left unchecked, the attack will annihilate all of them and all the people in the temple. Because of this, a new magic page appeared in Yami’s grimoire, a page containing new magic. He can now use his magic to cut through dimensions.

Black Clover Episode 49

In Black Clover episode 49, Yami will cut Vetto in half and killing him. This will end the Water Temple arc. Fortunately, the Black Clover anime will be continuing and we will not be left with the biggest spoiler of our lives after this arc.

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