Black Clover Episode 39 Leaks and Spoilers

The last arc for Black Clover Season 1 will start in Black Clover Episode 39. As the current arc is about to end, a traitor will be purged in the Order of Magic Knights. With the revelation of one more traitor lurking, the Black Bulls is tasked to do a mission to prevent the Eye of the Midnight Sun to advance.

Black Clover Episode 39 Two Traitors

The next episode of Black Clover will answer some of the most interesting questions in the series so far. The previous episode shows how Yami and some of the Magic Knight captains are seeing William Vengeance as the traitor. In all of the Captains, he has the most mysterious aura. Is he the traitor in the Clover Kingdom?

Black Clover ep 39

In this episode, the Captain of the Purple Orca, Gueldre Poizot, will be revealed as the traitor. In exchange for a magic artifact, he sold the barrier mages to the enemy. This results in a breach that the enemy utilized to be able to enter the Royal Capital.

Gueldre will deny this and claims that someone is trying to frame him up. When nobody seems to believe him, he used his permeate magic to escape. His permeate magic will let him move undetected and concealed. Even his mana traces vanished and no one can trace it. However, there’s a flaw in this magic, it doesn’t conceal his Ki, which enabled Asta to trace him and hit him with his sword to erase his magic.

Black Clover 39

Rill will use his paint magic to restrain the Purple Orca Captain. The Magic Emperor will then reveal more of information he gathered using his prisoners. He will then let the other Magic Knights go after telling them to look for more traitors in their ranks. Everyone left except Yami and Asta.

Black Clover Season 1 Last Arc

The next and the last arc of Black Clover season 1 is the Seabed Temple Arc. Here, all of the known Black Bulls mages will be participating on a mission underwater. But before that, all of them are gonna enjoy the warm sun and the beach. This arc is expected to end the current season, with the next season still unannounced. You can read the manga after that.

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