Black Clover Episode 28 Spoilers – Asta’s Date

Black Clover episode 28 preview sparks a lot of interesting things when it comes to Noelle’s character. She was shown wearing a maid outfit and serving a lot of people on a restaurant. Although the Black Bull mage is seen standing in the middle of the restaurant, she seems to be doing something else instead of serving people.

black clover 28

After the previous heavy chapters, it seems like we’re going to have a light episode for the next airing. Noelle wearing a maid uniform kind of confirm this one. Because Captain Yami ordered Asta to take a rest, he and Luck were dragged into one of Finral’s blind dates. What’s next is beyond our imagination. Luck told the story of how he made minced meat out of his enemies. While Asta…well… he showed the three new holes in his abdomen that he got from fighting Rades and co.

Noelle begged for a job as a waitress in the tavern just so she can spy on Asta and his date. She was relieved to see that the date is not going too well and wandered off a little bit. Bah-hah (Sekke) is there too, telling yet another false story about how he managed to fight against the terrorists who attacked the royal capital and how he was promoted for his deeds. Hearing this, Noelle blasted him off with a huge bubble.

Black Clover episde 28

Meanwhile, when she came back to spying, Asta and his date are hitting the roof. The date is suddenly going well, to Noelle’s shock. However, a big man suddenly went and harassed Rebecca, Asta’s date. Seeing this, Asta flipped the big man out of anger when he insulted his date. He further made a preach about not judging a book by its cover. This caused a riot inside the bar, with Asta and company including Noelle left (to follow Asta). In the end, Asta got another girl who fancies him, Luck is still clueless about everything, and Finral¬†will still go home without any girl.

After the White Night Eye attack in the Royal Capital, the Magic Emperor Julius Novachrono will be investigating more to flesh out the enemies’ plans. But for now, let us enjoy a light episode that highlights the characters during their time away from fighting. After Black Clover episode 28, we will see more of the White Night Owl. With the anime’s pacing, it is possible that we might get a second season.

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