Preview: Black Clover Episode 169

Black Clover Anime
Black Clover Anime

Yami and William have been taken away by Zennon, but Asta was able to defeat Dante. After the battle, Zennon arrived and defeated the Black Bull squad, and Asta has no strength to face Zennon. He watches two captains being taken away to the Spade Kingdom. At the Heart Kingdom, Lolopechika has been taken away in front of Noelle and Mimosa by Vanica and Megicula. Don’t miss Black Clover next week since it will be the last episode.

Meanwhile, at the Golden Dawn’s HQ, they are still in shock at what the Dark Disciples has done. Owen took care of unconscious Asta and told the Black Bull squad what has happened to the Golden Dawn HQ. He is glad that everyone is safe and Finral comments that Asta and Yami have protected them. Owen reveals that Asta is alive, but his arm is not working. Grey told Owen that a magical sword pierced Gauche; he can examine him too. Owen decided to examine Gauche.

Previously on Black Clover Episode 168

Owen reveals that Gauche is fine and his tissues have been rebuilt. He reveals that Grey’s true nature of magic might not be transformation magic. Gauche asks Owen about Grey’s magic, but Owen has no clue. Owen said Grey would find about her magic for herself. Asta will continue to rest here until he fully recovers. Owen told the rest to head back to the Black Bull’s hideout. Tomorrow is the day of the emergency Magic Knights Squad Captain’s meeting. Later, Asta wakes up in the middle of the night.

He notices that his right arm is consumed by dark magic. Asta opens Yami’s grimoire and Yami’s Katana emerges. He closes it and decided to head somewhere, but his body couldn’t move when he is outside. A hooded man appears behind him and asks Asta where he is going. Asta wonders if he cannot move because of the hooded man’s magic. The hooded man told Asta to go back and rest. Asta replies that he has to save Captain Yami.

Black Clover
Black Clover

Demon Destroyer

The hooded man told Asta that it would not happen since where he is going; there are devils that he can’t stand a chance against. The hooded man also told Asta that there are two powerful devils more than Dante. He also said that Asta’s devil had forsaken him, and he is not aware of what is going on about his right arm. Asta insist that he have to save Captain Yami. The hooded man told him that to leave Captain Yami.

Asta told the hooded man that he knows nothing about Captain Yami. The man replies that he knew Yami very well. Asta gets angry since the hooded man was badmouthing  Yami. He summons the Demon-Destroyer and to the hooded man that Yami risked his life to save them. Asta turns back and tries to slay the hooded man using Demon-Destroyer. But Asta got pinned to the ground with the hands of the devil.

The hooded man told Asta that he could not even defeat him, but he is thinking about saving Yami. He guarantees that there is no way Asta can save Yami in his state. Asta realizes that the devils within him told him that he is weak. He shed tears, saying that if only he was strong. The hooded man said Asta is such a fool but a good person. He unveils his face and smiles at Asta, who is lying on the ground.

Vice-Captain of the Black Bulls

Black Clover
Black Clover

Asta is wondering who the hell is this guy who comes and smiles when Yami’s life is in danger. The horns emerged on the forehead of the hooded man and told Asta that Yami is still alive. Asta, ask the guy who he is. The guy reveals that he is the vice-captain of the Black Bulls, Nacht. Nacht told Asta that he could show him how to use the devil’s power if he is interested. Asta is surprised to find the truth about Nacht.

Gumedelo appears on Nacht’s shoulder, and Asta realizes that he felt the Ki of the devil. Asta is impressed that Natchj can talk with the devils. He saw the robe of Black Bulls and confess that Nacht is the vice-captain. Nacht reveals that he was on an undercover mission at the Spade Kingdom. There is still time before Yami dies, but Asta is not sure whether to trust Nacht or not. In the morning, the meeting started, and Jack wanted to go and save Yami all by himself.

The Captains started quarreling, but Nacht and Asta emerged from the ground. He unleashes four devils that surround the room. The captains thought he was an intruder, and Julius told them who Nacht is. He told all of them to sit down, and he will get straight to the point. Nacht explained how they are going to save Yami and William. He also talked about how they will stop the underworld gate from opening. After that, he reveals that they will attack the Spade Kingdon in three days. Asta comments that they will defeat the Dark Triad and save Yami.

Black Clover Episode 169 Release Date

Black Clover Episode 169 will release Tuesday, 23 March 2021, at 6:25 JST. You will be able to watch Black Clover online on AnimeLabNetflix, and Crunchyroll. More updates will be available on Tuesday after the release of Black Clover’s latest episode. Find more in the preview below.

Black Clover Episode 169 Preview

You can find how Asta and Yami defeated Dante on Black Clover Episode 168. You will also find how two captains were taken. Note that next week is the last episode of Black Clover; it will return soon.