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Black Clover Chapter 331 Release Date: Asta’s Unexpected Power-Up

strongest black bulls members ranked

Even though there are lots of anime that exist in the market, the love of Black Clover will remain at the top of many the anime as it features some of the coolest aspects of the typical shonen genre and the absolute hard work of the major protagonist. After the final episode of the Black Clover anime, the story is continued in Manga and the original movie is in the pipeline. If we talk about Manga, a total of 330 episodes have been released and the stage is clear for the 331st chapter. In this article, we will discuss the release date of this chapter and see where can we read it officially.

Black Clover Chapter 330 Recap:

Chapter 330 of Black Clover was the last chapter of the Spade Kingdom Raid arc and the ending was quite vague from the fan’s perspective. In few chapters back, Asta defeated Lucifero with the help of Yami, Yuno, and Nacht but in the last chapter, we saw Adrammelech and his desperation toward’s Lucifero’s heart. Another major thing we saw in the last chapter was, Mimosa healing Yami and Nacht with her Magic.



She had no Mana left so Black Bulls had to give her emergency food so she could utilize some of her mana and heal these two. The most epic thing in the chapter is that Yami now gave her Katana permanently to Asta as he is using that tool quite well with great perfection.

Black Clover Chapter 331 Release Date:

Black Clover Chapter 331 is all set to release on 24 April 2022 worldwide. The raw scans and leaks of the chapter haven’t been out yet but according to us, the upcoming chapter will cover the after events of this great arc and we might see our heroes having some fun after this tough time. We might see some glimpses of new threats and some huge hints of future events. Although these all are mere speculations without any official backings.

Asta Black Clover

Asta with his Demon Dweller Sword

Where To Read Black Clover Chapter 331?

You can read all the episodes of Black Clover from Viz’s official website and on Manga Plus. New chapters are free to read however you have to pay the subscription fee if you want to read all the previous chapters. These two are the official sources of reading Black Clover.

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