Black Clover Chapter 312: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

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Black Clover Chapter 312

Black Clover Chapter 312 reveals the Spade Kingdom battle where Yuno vs. Supreme Devil Zenon continues. This has been going on for a while, but Yuno has landed a killer blow after opening Zenon’s chest. Zenon knows that he is exposed since the Devil’s Heart is left out in the Open. From the latest chapter of Block Clover, Yuno cuts Zenon in half after realizing that he has seen something within Zenon before the battle has even begun. This is the revenge for what Zenon has done in the past before stealing their captain William Vengence.

The chapter title is: “Make It Home Alive.” After racing that fatal blow, Zenon wonders what makes the Supreme Devils. Yuno knows that the Magic Knights and the Supreme Devils are different. Zenon’s powers have begun to fade, and Yuno reveals that he is yet to complete the promise he made with Anti-Magic Boy Asta. Zenon looks back and recalls the time he made a rival with a boy who wanted to become Commander in Chief. Outside the Spade Kingdom castle, other warriors notice that something has happened inside the building after seeing a huge light.

On Asta’s side, he was surprised to know that the whole thing was disintegrating. Nacht believes that Yuno has defeated Zenon. Asta is excited that his rival did a great job, and Nacht adds that they have taken down the whole Dark Triad. Surprisingly, the Devil within the Advent of Qliphoth is still emerging. Outside the castle, the Magic Knights and other warriors face hundreds of Devils that won’t stop showing up, which has become a problem. One boosts their confidence, saying that it doesn’t matter even though they show up in number since they will take them down.

Previously on Black Clover Chapter 311

Marx takes care of the Wizard King at the Clover Kingdom, who seems to be troubled by something. Marx wonders what is happening with the Wizard King. The Wizard King believes that something is wrong and a massive thing with tremendous power will emerge. He began sweating, feeling the presence of something enormous. In the Dream Magic world, someone appears and realizes that it is invincible magic. The guy reveals that Nacht’s Devil sent him there, but he never knew that the man was dangerous.

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Black Clover Chapter 312
Black Clover

At the Underworld, Moris is about to finish up with something. Moris had gained a new form and talked about Devil’s powers. A gigantic Devil is floating around him, and it seems as if he had killed it since it has been cut into half, so killing it made him gain new powers. Moris laughs as he talks about the next gate that will open soon. This seems as if something massive is about to happen. Moris told Lotus that he was not interested in him and would spare him if he retracted his betrayal. But Lotus has different ideas. Moris has wings on his back, and Lotus is confident that those wings won’t fly.

Lotus has one arm, and the other is bleeding, and it has been cut. But he knows that his family will never be happy in the world that Moris attempts to create. Moris reveals that he will play with Lotus for a warm-up, but he is the messenger even though Lotus loves his family. Moris begins to change, and the horns emerge on his forehead. He talks about Dante and the Ultimate Devil Lucifero. Moris has now taken a complete form of a Devil. The second gate is about to open, and Moris will emerge when that happens.

Black Clover Chapter 312 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 312 will be released on 7 November 2021. Morris also talked about Megicula, who got defeated and thought that such devils were made for Lab Rat. He also talked about the Tree of Qliphoth that he modified with his magic and the Dark Triad is useless to him since he is more powerful than them and their help is not required. Yami and William are lying unconscious, and Moris is glad that he has their magic core to open the Underworld gate. Let’s look at Black Clover Chapter 312 official details.

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Black Clover Chapter 312
Black Clover

Read Black Clover Chapter 312 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Black Clover Chapter 312 online on VIZ Media’s official website. Every Sunday, Black Clover Manga’s latest chapters are also published on Shonen Jump+, Shueisha’s online magazine. Moris summoned another beast using Modification Magic: Operation. Lotus realizes that he promised that he would make it home alive to his family. The beast attack, and the Black Bull break-in, shouting that they are here to save Captain Yami. Let’s meet when Black Clover Chapter 312 is released.

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