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Black Clover Chapter 307: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read?

Black Clover

Yuno & Langris vs. Supreme Devil, Zenon begins with Black Clover Chapter 307, with Yuno firing Wind Spirit Creation Magic: Spirit of Euros towards Zenon. Black Clover has recently started showing the battle between the trio since Asta and the other have taken down two Supreme Devils. From the latest Black Clover Chapter, Yuno is about to land his signature move to assassinate Zenon. The chapter title is “Boundry.” Zenon is surprised to see Langris in front of him and Yuno ready to blast him. Yuno comments that their teamwork will win this one. Zenon is impressed witnessing their speed and never thought that they would price his body.

In the past, Zenon arrives home with bruises, and they ask him what happened to him. His siblings call him a loser, and his brother thinks that he is pathetic since the bullies beat him to a pulp. Zenon’s brother can’t believe that he has an unfortunate brother, and he is ashamed that he has him since he never won anything in his life. But his other big brother, who is a wheelchair user, told him not to worry since he is the one who has an excellent aptitude for being a Devil Host that Dante and Vanica have.

One day, Zenon walked to the mansion and met royal bullies who began to use his like punching bag. The Chubby royal guy beat Zenon and took a bone out of Zenon’z body. He teased him for that, thinking he was weak since he managed to remove a bone from his body. The chubby guy sent Zenon flying, and his face got bruised out of beatings. He told Zenon that his father is in the Defense Force, and he had to slay him. The punks are surprised to see a fire burning them.

Black Clover


Previously on Black Clover Chapter 306

A new boy arrives and saves Zenon from the beating after using his magic to beat those punks. The boy reveals that he is Allen, and he is annoyed that those brats from the Defense Force are bullies. Allen helped Zenon get up and said he uses a different type of magic, but there is nothing wrong with that. Zenon thought that his bone magic was weird. Allen praises Zenon’s magic and reminds him that it is more robust. The two became good friends and talked about the Spade Kingdom and the never-ending rebellion. Allen reveals that the Diamond Kingdom keeps invading, and he wants to get stronger and protect everyone who trembles in fear.

The two climb the building and watch the view of the Kingdom from above. Allen unleashes his fire magic and comments that he wants to light the fire of hope in this frozen land. He told Zenon that he would become commander in chief of the mage defense force. Zenon replies that he will also become commander in chief. Allen adds that they are rivals since they are chasing the same dream. They promised each that they would see who would become the commander in chief first.

The two trained together in a different command training. A few years later, Zenon told his brother that he was not interested in becoming a Devil Host. He made it to division four of the mage defense force with Allen. The two enjoy working together and conquering different dungeons. But Allen got killed by the Devil during the mission, and it changed Zenon’s mind and asked his brother to make him a Devil Host. The chapter ends with Zenon making a deal with Devil Beelzebub.

Black Clover


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Black Clover Chapter 307 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 307 will be released on 26 September 2021. The manga released the recent chapter on Friday, but it is returning to the Sunday release. You can read Black Clover Chapter 307 online on VIZ and Mangashueisha. The next chapter of Black Clover will be exciting since Zenon is about to do something incredible. Yuno and Langris are about to kill the Supreme Devil so don’t miss it. We are looking forward to the release of Black Clover’s latest chapter.

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