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Black Clover Chapter 306: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

The Vice-Captain of The Golden Dawn vs. Supreme Devil Host Zenon begins with Black Clover Chapter 306. The manga has returned since Black Clover delayed its previous chapter. Black Clover has been on the brawl of Supreme Devils vs. Magic Knights at the Spade Kingdom. From the recent Black Clover Chapter, the likes of Asta have taken care of Megicula and Dante. Zenon vs. Langris and Yuno begins. The chapter begins with Yuno asking Langris to buy him three minutes. Zenon is at his Supreme Devil mode with wings emerging from his back. Yuno realizes that they have an Ace card that will help them defeat Zenon, but he is still restoring his mana.

Langris has to trade blows with Zenon for Yuno to gather more mana and finish Zenon with a single blow. Yuno realizes Zenon is also exhausted in this two against one and comments that he will finish Zenon with his next strike. Langris realizes that Zenon is in defense mode, and he has to draw Zenon’s attention while guarding Yuno. Langris and Yuno have been a great pair ever since they clashed with Zenon, but Zenon is exceptional, and it needs something special to take him down.

He realizes that it will be tough, but he has to buy that three minutes for Yuno without failing. Yuno reminds Langris about his abilities and that he the strongest spatial mage of the Clover Kingdom. But he must be figuring out something, and he can’t let the likes of Supreme Devil like Zenon keep on trashing him like that. Yuno adds that he knows what Langris can do, and Langris realizes that Yuno has fueled him to do great things. Zenon wonders what the two are talking about, and they are wasting time instead of fighting.

Previously on Black Clover Chapter 305

Langris begins to analyze the powers and space around Zenon and how he can break through that. Langris realize that if he gets trapped inside Zenon’s space spacial mana domination, he won’t use magic. But the ones who can use their magic are the likes of Yuno with an equivalent amount of mana. He realizes that Spatial Mages who have mastered Mana Zone can survive within Zenon’s territory. Langris opens his grimoire and unleashes the mana zone around him that Zenon’s bone attacks failed to pierce through.

Black Clover

Spirit of Boreas Yuno from Black Clover

Zenon realizes that Langris is one of those who has a chance against him and notices that Langris created his territory with his absolute space. Yuno is impressed that Langris did what he expected and praised him for that. Langris is too shy to take praises and replies that Yuno is an irritating junior member. Langris realizes that a lot has happened ever since Yuno joined The Golden Dawn, and he backs up everything that he said. He realizes that he hated him since they have a similar character and Yuno can surpass him.

But he never felt that he would lose and no one would surpass him before Yuno arrived. Zenon attacks with his bones, but Langris’s shield is solid for the bones to crack it. Langris realizes that Yuno has inspired everyone since he hates losing and admits that Yuno is The Vice-Captain of Golden Dawn. Langris got cut, but he unleashed his power and got closer to Zeno, aiming to smash Zenon. Yuno uses Wind Spirit Creation Magic: Spirit of Euros against Zenon, who notices it is a killer blow. To be continued in the next chapter.

Black Clover

Langris Vaude from Black Clover

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Black Clover Chapter 306 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 306 will be released on 17 September 2021. The manga has returned after delaying the recent chapter 305, but the next latest chapter will be on Friday. Due to some changes, the upcoming chapter of Black Clover will release on Friday. Note that Black Clover got interrupted by a weekly break, returning to its weekly release. You can read Black Clover Chapter 306 online on Viz. The official platforms for Black Clover: VIZ and Shueisha manga plus releases the recent chapters for free. Don’t miss the next battle since Yuno is about to blast Zenon.

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