Black Clover Chapter 305: Release Date & Spoilers

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Black Clover
Black Clover

The death of Supreme Devil Megicula begins with Black Clover Chapter 305, with Nozel and Noelle dominating the Devil. This chapter will be released this coming weekend. Black Clover has been hitting on the Heart Kingdom battle ever since two Captains got taken away. From the recent chapter of Black Clover, the combination of Noelle and Nozel worked out well, and they managed to assassinate the Supreme Devil, Megicula. The chapter title is ”Reality and Magic.” The two felt the presence of Acier Silve after defeating Megicula; they have now avenged their mother’s death. Asta shouts at Noelle praising her that she did it.

The black spots on Queen Lolopechika begin to vanish, and Asta has no clues that he is holding a naked woman. Lolopechika wakes up and realizes that she is in Asta’s hands. She feels cold and realizes that she is naked and screams. Asta told her not to be afraid he has not seen anything. Everyone realizes that Lolopechika has woke up, and Noelle punches Asta and sends him away. Asta told Noelle that he didn’t do anything since he was holding Lolopechika; Noelle told Lolopechika that she is glad that she is alive, and the two embrace each other.

Lolopechika is glad to see Noelle and Udine, but she covers her chest for the boys not to notice. Asta asks Noelle why she punched him, and Noelle calls him by a nickname, and she is afraid to tell that he was holding a naked Queen. Asta asks her, and Noelle wonders what she has to do since it has been a long without seeing him. Noelle looks away and realizes that she is embarrassed to look at Asta’s face. Asta asks her what is happening, and she punched him again, saying that it is nothing, Dorksta.

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Previously on Black Clover Chapter 304

Nozel arrives, and he notices that the curse got broken, but he has no clue what to tell Noelle. He just looked at Noelle since he underestimated her, but he kept her away from the fight. Rill is near Charlotte, and they are withdrawing their Grimoire back since the Supreme Devil Megicula case is over. Rill apologized to Charlotte and told her that the effect of the spell would end soon. He realizes that his ultimate masterpiece is something since he managed to create his great work. Charlotte told Rill to stop apologizing since he made it possible for her to fight, and she is grateful to him.

Black Clover
Black Clover

Charlotte reminds Rill that they can’t die now. Lolopechika heads to Gaja, and Nolle has given her a dress to wear. Gaja is happy that the Queen is alive, but something mysterious happened that shocked Lolopechika and Noelle. Noelle notices something happening to Rill and Captain Charlotte, and she shouts their names. The trio was vanishing, showing a symbol that they were dying. Fortunately, Lolopechika unleashes Water Recovery Magic: Aquenelle Lore. The Water Recovery Magic covers the trio as she tries to revive them before they die. Lolopechika begins to sweat and realizes that her magic can’t cure injuries like that.

Asta realizes that even Demon Destroyer can’t heal injuries and wonders what they have to do to protect those three. Natch appears and said they couldn’t do anything. Noelle worries that the trio helped them, and they can’t let them die like this. But Mimosa arrived and said no one would die when she is around. Mimosa uses Ultimate Plant Magic: Flower Princess Utopia and the tri returns to normal.  Gaja confessed to Lolopechika and told her that he loves her. Nozel reminds others that they have to save Yami. Langris and Yuno are facing the last Supreme Devil.

Black Clover Chapter 305 Release Date

Black Clover-Chapter 305 will be released on 5 September 2021. The new chapter will be on Sunday. Note that the manga can get interrupted by weekly breaks. You can read Black Clover-Chapter 305 online on Viz. Black Clover manga will continue with the  Sunday release. The official website for the manga: VIZ and Shueisha manga plus offers the latest chapters every Sunday for free.

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