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Black Clover Chapter 305 Delayed: When Will It Come Now?

Black Clover

The Supreme Devil Zenon vs. Yuno and Langris begins with Black Clover Chapter 305, with Lolopechika rescued after the Supreme Devil Megicula has fallen. Black Clover is still revealing the Heart Kingdom battle between the Magic Knights and the Supreme Devils. Two Supreme Devils: Megicula and Dante, got assassinated, and only Zenon is still breathing. From the recent Black Clover chapter, Nozel and Noelle uses their combos and kill Megicula. The chapter is about Reality and Magic; Asta yells at Noelle that she did a fantastic job. The cursed marks on Lolopechika begin to fade, and Asta forgets that he is holding a naked queen.

Lolopechika felt cold and wakes up witnessing that a man is holding her and she is naked. Lolopechika screams, and Asta realizes that she is naked after feeling her chest and told her that he didn’t see anything. Asta looked away and told her not to be scared. The Magic Knights heard her screaming and realize that she is awake. Noelle notice that the Queen was in Asta’s hands, and she smashed him while sending him flying. Asta complains that he did nothing but holding the Queen.

Noelle embraces Lolopechika, and she gets new clothes. Lolopechika notices Noelle and Udine are fine, and she reunites with them. Asta confronts Noelle, asking her to explain her attacks. Noelle teases him since he was holding a naked lady, and she realizes she misses Asta since the battle began. Asta asks her what is wrong, and she sent him flying with another punch. She continues to call him with the nickname Dorksta.

Black Clover Chapter 304 Updates

Nozel land on the ground and confronts Noelle while telling her that they have broken the curse. He realizes that it is hard to face Noelle since he uses to scold her for their mother’s death. Nozel realizes that he underestimated Noelle’s past abilities, which made him keep her away from the battles to stay protected. Rill and Charlotte realize that the battle is over, and they put their Grimoire back since Supreme Devil Megicula destruction is over. Rilla tole here that he is sorry since he couldn’t protect them, and there will be side effects of the spell when it ends.

Black Clover

Black Clover

Rill realizes that he only managed t produce the ultimate masterpiece, which is his great work. She told her to stop being formal since he made it possible for everyone to fight, and she is grateful. Charlotte told Rill that they don’t have to die, while Lolopechika notices Gaja and decides to meet. Gaja is glad that Lolopechika is alive, but his body begins to fade. Noelle and Lolopechika wonder what is happening since the same thing happening to Gaja is happening to Captain Rill and Captain Charlotte. The trio begins to vanish, and Lolopechi notices that they are about to die snd uses Water Recovery Magic: Aquenelle Lore. The Water Recovery Magic to restore their body restore them before they meet their end.

Lolopechika realizes that her spell is not helping, and she can restore them. Asta suggests Demon Destroyer and realizes that it can’t revive his friends. Natch emerges from the ground and comments that there is nothing they can do to help the three. They realize that the trio worked hard, but now they are watching them dying since they can’t repay the favor. Mimosa arrives and comments that they won’t die when she is still alive, and she unleashes Ultimate Plant Magic: Flower Princess Utopia to heal the trio. Gaja proposes to Lolopechika, telling her that he loves her not as his Queen but as the woman of his life. They decided to help Yuno and Langrish to take down the last Supreme Devil, Zenon.

Black Clover

Black Clover

Black Clover Chapter 305 Release Date

Black Clover-Chapter 305 will be released on 12 September 2021. The manga delayed chapter 305, but it will be on Sunday. Note that the manga got interrupted by a weekly break, and it is returning on Sunday. You can read Black Clover-Chapter 305 online on Viz. The official website for Black Clover: VIZ and Shueisha manga plus offers the recent chapters for free.

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