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Black Clover Chapter 303 Delayed: What’s Next?

Black Clover
Black Clover

Black Clover Chapter 303 will release soon since the manga delayed the chapter. We will be looking at the updates of the battle in the Spade Kingdom; the Magic Knights are succeeding ever since they arrive at the Spade Kingdom. They have managed to kill the other Supreme Devil, and they realize that they must get rid of Megicula and the other Supreme Devil before the underworld gate opens. Megicula has lost advantage ever since Asta arrives. Let’s find how the Magic Knights will punish Supreme Devil Megicula below.

The Anti-Magic Boy: Asta is resting since he used the power of his Devil Union Mode to rescue Lolopechika. He is allowing Noelle and the other to take care of the Supreme Devil, Megicula. Asta realizes that the Devil Union Mode will restore soon. Noelle decided to fight with Megicula, and Udine joined her to stop Megicula” destruction. Noelle reminds Asta to protect Queen Lolopechika. The chapter is focusing on the Hope of the Magic Knights. Noelle realizes that they don’t have enough Saint Stage powers to eliminate the enemies. They use Picture Magic: Monster of Valhalla. Rill is glad that Noelle possesses Saint Stage, and Charlotte wields Special Anti-Curse Attack.

The Monster of Valhalla begins to punish the soldiers while the Magic Knights attack Supreme Devil Megicula. Rill decided to cover their back using magic spells. Charlotte unleashes super move True Briar Magic: Crimson Vine Spear trying to smash Megicula and her underlings. The battle has entered an intense stage. Megicula is surprised that humans can do everything during the fight and surpass their limits. Megi enhances her Beast Army with more powers to stop the humans.

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Black Clover Chapter 302 Updates

The beast exchanges the barrages with the Magic Knights, and Megicula comments that she knew that humans would attack with their full strength. But they are playing with toys. Noelle begins to kill the army of the beast created by Magicula, trying to reach her target by pulverizing the monsters. Rill reminds Noelle to take care of herself, surprisingly the other Magic Knights arrive, and Luck exterminates the gigantic beast with a single hit. Nolle is happy to see Luck, who told her that he would help her get to the top by beating those monsters.

Black Clover

Black Clover

Rill complimented Luck and said he is inspired since lighting has shown a new path. On the other side, a miracle happened, and Gaja wakes up wondering if he is dead or alive. Gaja is excited that he can still dance around with Megicula. Asta yells that everyone is fantastic, and Gaja realizes that he can protect Queen Lolopechika. Luck is excited to see Gaja since they trained together at the Heart Kingdom. They allied to help Noelle beat Megicula and avenge her Acier Silver’s death. Luck told Gaja that they could make it, and Gaja agrees. The two unleashes the speed of lightning and thunder strikes to assassinate the monsters on the path.

Megicula can’t believe that her underlings are getting defeated by humans. She witnesses Noelle clear her way at full speed quickly and face Megicula while breaking the barrier around. Megicula reminds Noelle that even if she does not manifest ultimately, she is still more robust than humans. Megicula comments that they have reached the last stage and keeps on when they attack her. Nozel arrives and asks Megicula about appearing in front of his family, and he has waited long enough to face her.

Black Clover-Chapter 303 Release Date

Black Clover-Chapter 303 release date is 22 August 2021. The manga has returned to its weekly release, but a weekly break might interrupt the releases. We will be expecting Black Clover manga upcoming chapter on Sunday, and we will keep on bringing new updates for this manga.

Where To Read Black Clover-Chapter 303?

You can read Black Clover-Chapter 303 online on Viz. Black Clover manga will release every Sunday. But the new chapters of Black Clover manga keep on delaying due to a weekly break. The official website for the manga: VIZ offers the three latest chapters to read for free every week. Make sure you visit official platforms in time to get the latest chapters.

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