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Spoilers & Preview: Black Clover Chapter 302

Black Clover
Black Clover

The manga has been out for a week due to a weekly break; let’s look at the recent updates of Black Clover. Noelle vs. The Supreme Devil Megicula continues at Spade Kingdom castle. The Anti-Magic Boy, aka Asta, came to her rescue and saved Loolopechika from meet her end. The Supreme Devil Megicula got surprised by who is that young boy interfering with her final manifestation stage. She planned to kill Lolopechika, Noelle, and Gaja to complete her manifestation stage; Asta arrives in time and ruins all of her plans. The chapter title is ”Those Feelings.” The chapter begins with Noele watching Megicula from a distance.

Gaja, Rill, and Charlotte got defeated and lying unconscious on the ground. Noelle is relieved that Asta will face Megicula. Anti-Magic Boy: Asta vs. Supreme Devil Megicula is about to begin. Asta is floating mid-air, holding Lolopechika and wielding his Devil Slayer with his right hand. He comments that they protect Lolopechika from exploding, but she still has a few active curses. Liebe replies that one of the Gates of the Underworld got opened and wonders why the Supreme Devil is here.

Liebe told Asta that he wouldn’t lie, and without Devil Union, they have no match against Megicula. Megicula looks at the two and realizes that Asta is the Ant-Magic user that Vanica and other Devils revealed. She realizes that there is no time for games, and she has to end this battle before the boy gains the power of his Ultimate Weapon. Megicula vows that she will first kill Lolopechika and Vanica then manifest entirely. Asta is holding Lolopechika and Megicula notices that the curse runes on Lolopechika have vanished.

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Black Clover Chapter 301 Highlights

Megicula wonders what is happening, and she has to start the fight quickly. Surprisingly, Charlotte wakes up and shouts that she is still part of this fight while unleashing her grimoire, ready to smash Megicula. Megicula realizes that she put a beating on Charlotte that left her beyond recovery and wonders why Charlotte is on her feet. Charlotte’s magic is also increasing after suffering those massive Supreme Devil Strikes. Now it is ”Bad News” for Megicula since Rill is also back on his feet.

Rill comments that he is not used to this type of spell, but it took time for him to activate it. The Magic Knights have now surpassed their limits and are ready to shower Megicula with barrages of magical thunder strikes. It got revealed that ”When Twilight Valhalla is active, it boost the magic of any companion within its range, and makes it, so they won’t die no matter what damage they take.” Rill is excited that they are all ready to fight again, and a few minutes ago, they were all about to face death by magic, changed their fate.

Black Clover

Black Clover

Corpses of Blood and Steel-Final Saint Stage

Asta is glad that everyone is okay and shouts that Rill is incredible, and he is pleased that no one is dead.  Rill realizes that if Asta didn’t come, he would have made it before the blow strikes. Asta arrival buys him time to cast his spell ultimately. Rill thanks Asta that he helps him achieve his Ultimate Master Piece. Megicula realizes that when the Magic Knights are alone, they are strong, but they do the unthinkable when combining their strength.

Megicaula praises humankind that they are fantastic and decided to imbue the Dark Disciple who died during the battle with the power of Devils, Vanica and Acier Silva, whose souls she holds. She created living corpses of blood and steel to face the rest of Magic Knights while Megicula faces Asta. The hundred living corpses of blood and steel emerged and began to rampage. Rill and Charlotte enjoy killing them like they are slaughtering weaklings. Asta is impressed that his friends are murdering the enemies.

Udine took Gaja and Lolopechika to treat them using her healing magic. Udine thanks Asta for protecting Lolopechika. Noelle realizes that Asta’s arrival has given her the strength to fight. Noelle talks with herself that she loved Asta and told Udine to continue where they have ended with Megicula. Asta is buying time for his Devil Union Mode. Noelle decided that she will focus on killing Megicula and unleashes Final Saint Stage. The chapter ends with the duo attaching Megicula.

Black Clover Chapter 302 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 301 release date is 9 August 2021, which you can read officially on Viz; The manga will continue with its official release every Sunday. Note that the manga takes a weekly break or gets delayed. The latest three chapters of Black Clover are available on VIZ for free. Don’t miss the upcoming chapter of Black Clover.

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