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Black Clover Chapter 299: Spoilers and Recap

Black Clover

The battle between the new version of Megicula and Noelle showing the unique powers of her Valkyrie as the fight continues; let’s start by looking at the recent development of Black Clover. Megicula hosted Vanica’s body and became a Supreme Devil. Megicula said that she complete her manifestation after getting all of Vanica’s powers and when Lolopechika met her end. Gaja realizes that Megicula wants to kill Lolepechika and shouts out Lolopechika’s name. Lolopechika showed tremendous strength and gained a new form while Gaja vows to save her. The Black Trees inside the Spade Kingdom Castle begin to grow.

Gaja begins to attack Lolopechika, and The Supreme Devil Megicula said the two would rest in peace if they die together. But now she is giving them a little time to play around since they are worthy opponents, and she will kill them with a single hit.  Noelle gets angry while shouting Megicula’s name. Gaja and Noelle team up to take down Megicula and save Lolopechika as they brawl with The Supreme Devil. Megicula’s curse is still controlling Lolopechika, who can’t differentiate between n friends and foes. In the present, Megicula faces Noelle and Gaja faces Lolopechika.

Noelle wonders why Megicula is here. She realizes that only one gate to the underworld got opened and why Megicula has appeared here. Megicula replies that the gates are insurance and the primary purpose is to manifest through the curse-warding magic: Malevolent Femcantationa. The chapter is titled ”Transient Life.” Megicula talked about the spell calls for strenuous preparation and sacrifices. Let’s look at the highlights below.

Black Clover Chapter 298 Highlights

Megicula thinks that the Magic Knights are delaying her plans, and Acier Silva is the royal from the Clover Kingdom. Noelle gets furious about why Megicula is talking about her mother. Megicula unleashes the curse, warding magic. She reveals that cursing Acier to death allowed her to partially manifest in Vanica’s body. Noelle is shocked that she killed her mother so that she can host Vanica’s body. Megicula also talks about the gifted devil Vanica who made a contract with her, the Supreme Devil. Noelle wonders what the Supreme Devil is saying.

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Megicula said that Vanica is about to die, which is why she is emerging in this form. Lolopechika, the Queen of Heart Kingdom, and the Devil Vanica will die, and Megicula gains her 100% and rule over the world. Gaja and Lolopechika are brawls, and the Queen unleashes Devil Water Magic: Hydra of Darkneros. Noelle realizes that Lolopeckika is showing maliciousness due to the curse that is possessing her from Megicula. Megicula told Noelle that Lolopechika is enjoying the power of her devil form before she dies, and it will be a beautiful memory.

Strongest Offensive Mage in the Heart Kingdom

Black Clover

Black Clover

Noelle unleashes the power of her Valkrie form and attacks Megicula with a Sea Roar Dragon. Noelle told Megicula that she will defeat her now. Megicula counters that attack with Curse Warding Magic: Decaying World. Megicula talked about the current state, the speed, and the power of the spell that she posses. Noelle notices that the magic that she cast has vanished, and Megicula stronger than before. She also told her that she wouldn’t let her have her ways.

Megicula is impressed that Noelle is the first person to oppose her curse, and Noelle is the splendid Queen of Briars. Rill gets furious and decided to protect Charlotte since Noelle’s beautiful spell had inspired him. Rill unleashes Picture Magic Twilight Valhalla: Curse Warding Magic Unbound Slave. Gaja also interfered and attack with True Lightning Magic: Nadaras do Astrauza. Gaja tried to protect Rill since he received showers of spears. Rill smashed with the flour, but Gaja’s spell saved him.

Gaja realizes that he could not unleash any attack spell at his young age, and he was a failure as the princess. But he decided to become the strongest offensive Mage in the Heart Kingdom to destroy all of the enemies. Gaja and Lolopechika exchanged powerful blows, and Gaja notices that there is still goodness in Lolopechika’s heart. Lolopechika dodges his attack and pierces through his stomach with her hand. Noelle warns everyone about the Spirit Dive, and Megicula replies that Noelle is a loser. The chapter ends with Noelle kneeling in front of Megicula.

Black Clover Chapter 299 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 299 release date 11 July 2021, which you can read officially on Viz. Also, read Spoilers & Recap: Black Clover Chapter 298.

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