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Spoilers & Highlights: Black Clover Chapter 296

Black Clover
Black Clover

Black Clover Manga is taking a weekly break; let’s examine how the battle continues. Black Clover Manga chapter title is ”Rematch” the Magic Knight has already take down three devils. Meanwhile, Noelle appeared in the room where Rill and Charlotte are battling Megicula possessing Vanica. The chapter starts with Noelle smashing Vanica while reminding her that she has arrived as promised. Finally, Gaja manages to grab Lolopechika and stops her from fighting with Charlotte.

Lolopechika fought with Charlotte since she got passed by the curse that allows her to get controlled by Vanica. Gaja tries to help Lolopechika to get out of the curse that makes her rampage. Vanica comments that she is glad that Noelle has come back more potent than the last time and did what she asked. Vanica also said that she is also strong, and Noelle is worthy of playing with her. Noelle gets furious, asking Vanica why Vanica did that to Lolopechika. Finally, Noelle comments that she and Udine will take Vanoica down.

Black Clover Chapter 295 Highlights

Vanica smile while saying that she knew that Udine would come since Udine serve under Lolopechika. Noelle had a flashback where Udine told her about the power they have to acquire some power before using Ultimate Magic. Udine talked about the Curse Warding Magic that reduces her magic and loses her contract with Lololpechika. But to regain her strength, she stored Mana and moved to the Grimoire of a Mage, Noelle. Udine told Noelle that she possesses powers that allow her to host Water Spirit.

Udine comments that she prefers Lolopechika over everyone, but she has to cope with Noelle since the situation is like this. Noelle got surprises that she is a new Water Spirit host. But she agrees to work with Udine and told her that they could begin with training. Udine and Noelle realize that Vanica has physically got possessed by the Supreme Devil Megicula.

They discover that they can destroy Vanica using the powers of Arcane Stage Mages. Udine explains what Arcane Stage Mage is to Noelle. Udine also said they couldn’t rely only on Asta and the other Magic Knight Arcane Stage Mages. She reveals a Saint Stage that can be useful during the battle. Noelle wonders if Udine trained Captain Fuegoleon and Yuno since those two are the Spirit Hosts.

Black Clover

Black Clover

Spirit Dive: Sait Valkyrie Armor

Udine realizes that they shouldn’t have let Lolopechika fight on Saint Stage since Lolopechika’s magic is enormous. Udine narrates a story that happened a long time ago where she had a brawl with the first queen of the Heart Kingdom and made the Queen her host. She also talked about how she protected the Heart Kingdom out of love for everyone around the Kingdom. After a long time, Udine met with Lolopechika at a young age. Lolopechika is different from ordinary princesses, and Lolo couldn’t learn any attack spell.

Udine worries that Lolopechika failed to reach Saint Stage or destroy Devils. Lolopechika told Udine that she is a loser since she is a queen who can’t do anything. Udine told Lolopechika that her character is her pride and joy. The two learned everything together, and Lolopechika improves day by day. Udine shed tears that she is the one who caused Lolopechika to be kidnapped and cursed since she was overprotective. Noelle told Udine that she made a mistake by not telling Lolopechika about the Saint Stage.

That day the two form an ally and vow that they will defeat Vanica and rescue Lolopechika. In the present day, Vanica smiles after realizing that Noelle has learned something. But Lolopechika unleashes a powerful blow and sends Gaja flying. Noelle blames Vanica for Lolopechika’s state. Vanica announces that the Magic Knight will pay, and she will never forgive them. Noelle unleashes a new form called Spirit Dive: Sait Valkyrie Armor. The battle continues in two weeks; take a look at the schedule below.

Black Clover Chapter 296 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 296 release date is 20 June 2021, which you can read officially on Viz. You also read Spoilers & Preview: Black Clover Chapter 295. Let’s meet after a weekly break.

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