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Black Clover

Magna has fulfilled his promise after defeating Dante. Zora smiles and comments that Magna has won that one. Magna says the Zora is his man, and Zora reminds Magna that he is not his man. Asta, Liebe, and Nacht arrive, calling out Magna’s name. Magna also notices that his rival Luck has also arrived, and he calls out Luck’s name. Asta is impressed after witnessing what Magna has done to Dante. The chapter title is ”As Promised,” let’s find which devil is the next target on the latest Black Clover updates below.

Asta comments that Magna did something that he failed to do in a day with Captain Yami. He compliments Magna for taking Dante, and Magna told Luck that it was his victory. Luck replies that they will fight one day. Jack realizes that Yami made the right choice since he chose a peasant as a member of the Black Bull squad. Jack thought that Yami was out of his mind when he selects Magna to be part of Black Bull. He realizes that Magna has something special hidden within him.

Black Clover Chapter 294 Highlights

Asta, Nacht, and Luck continue to praise Magna and comments that he is so cool. Jack vows that he won’t lose to the nobles or royals since he is a commoner who makes his way up to become a Captain. Jack realizes that his Brigade has a lot of commoners. Magna challenged Luck on their next battle and said he would win. Nacht is glad that they have taken down two Supreme Devil along with Dante. The Magic Knights are left with few devils before the second gate of the underworld opens.

Jack is glad that a member of the Black Bull squad has shown him something interesting. Nacht realizes that Dante got defeated even though he was at his 100%, and his power equals the power of the Supreme Devil. But Magna cannot remember how he defeated Dante. Nacht thinks that at this rate, it means they might win the battle. Meanwhile, Morris is at the underworld, and he is glad that the devils have gathered in numbers. He felt something and realizes that Dante lost.

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Morris comments he wants to know the spell used to defeat Dante. Inside the castle, Nacht reveals that defeating a Dark Triad member has lowered Qliphoth’s growth, and they can stop everything by defeating two members of the Dark Triad. He gave Jack, Asta, Luck, and Magna magic sweets for them to recover. After swallowing the magic sweets, Asta, Luck, and Magna shout that they will save Yami. Luck comments that it will be him, and Asta, along with Magna, also said the same thing.

Noelle Vs. Vanica

Black Clover
Black Clover

They left Dante lying on the floor, and Nacht reveals the magical influence is the Dark Triad. The devil within Dante begins to eat his vital organs, and Dante tries to survive, saying g that he will lose to anyone. Jack returns and comments that this is what he expected from an Almighty Dark Triad member. Jack realizes that Dante’s speedy recovery is not a joke. Dante, in his new form, told Jack that he is immortal and he will kill everyone. Jack told Dante to shut and that he is already dead.

Asta and the rest head to take down their next target, and he is glad that everyone is okay. In the other room, Charlotte battles Megicula at her 100%, and Rill is helping Charlotte. She notices that when she limits Megicula’s curse warding magic with her blue roses, Megicula keeps on regenerating since her blood magic is strong all by itself. Megicula surprises Charlotte by bringing Lolopechika in front of her and starts to use Lolopechika as her pawn. Rill unleashes Picture Magic: Subterranean Giant.

Rill notices that Lolopechika’s curse is getting stronger. They exchange massive blows with Lolopechika, and Charlotte tries to talk with her. Charlotte shouts that they will break this curse. Megicula stops Charlotte from reaching Queen Lolopechika. She pierced Charlotte with blades and told her to enjoy the fight. But Gaja arrives and grabs Lolopechika before she kills Charlotte. Noelle comes and sends Megicula flying; she shouts that she is here as promised.

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Black Clover Chapter 295 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 295 will release on Sunday, 6 June 2021, officially on Viz. You also read Black Clover Chapter 294 Reveals The Disappearance Of Dante’s Devil Powers. You can read Black Clover’s chapters on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus for free.

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