Spoilers & Preview: Black Clover Chapter 287

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Black Clover

Nacht still recalls his past with his brother before he fully joined the Black Bulls. The two brothers were quite the opposite, and their personalities were different. The other one was loved by many, and the other does the opposite. Morgen used to love and sacrifices to help others. This Sunday, we are looking at A Night With No Morning’s latest updates of Black Clover. Morgen always helps his brother get out of trouble and rescue him when he is in danger.

He was light to his hometown, and he could sacrifice himself for a stranger just like his magic. He loved everyone, and everyone loved him. One day Nacht got his grimoire. He heard rumors about a foreigner who used Eerie magic and decided to meet with him. After half a year, Morgen and Yami joined the Gray Deer Brigade. Nacht’s brother notice that Yami was pretty wild. Yami always looks for challenge or battle, and he used to call Nacht a punk.

Previously on Black Clover Chapter 287 Highlights

Yami got along with Nacht’s brother since both of their magic was an attribute. He thought that a guy like Yami would never make it as the Magic Knight. He also notices that Nacht also gets along with Yami. But Yami and Natch’s brother always look for trouble where ever they go. The knights didn’t recognize Nacht because of his behaviors. One day, Morgen told his brother Nacht that he is a lot like Yami, but Nacht didn’t like it. Morgen always says that as a way to convince his brother to join the Magic Knights.

Black Clover
Black Clover

Supreme Devil Lucifugus

When Nacht turns 18, his parents called him and thought they would lecture him. Natch told his parents that he is the oldest son, and he has Morgen inherit the title. His father refuses and reveals the shocking truth to him. They told him their family is devoted to studying the devils for generations. They reveal he has inherited that magic and that spirit. Nacht’s parents also reveal that Nacht will be the one to inherit the house of Faust. Nacht was surprised since he hoped for the opposite.

They unleash Shadow Magic Invitation from a Dark Garden. Nacht was so excited since, in the Faust family, he was the only one who fits in. Morgen became the dynamic duo with Yami of light and darkness. Meanwhile, Nacht studied about devils and showed a talent for it. He discovered that the underworld is ruled by three devils of gravity, time, and space. One of the devils was on Nacht’s side and always supported him. Nacht got excited when he finds that the supreme devil Lucifugus supports him.

Nacht’s parents praise him for his devil’s studies since he has managed to make a contract with four devils in a short time. They are glad that he also masters the devils’ powers without difficulties. His father gave him something that will make him make a contract with another devil. Morgen thought Yami was doing the wrong things, and he told him not to do it.

Forbidden Magic

Black Clover
Black Clover

Morgen’s mother stops Morgen from interfering. Nacht attempts to make another contract with another devil. Morgen told his parents that he is the Magic Knight and can’t allow Nacht to use forbidden magic. He also told them nothing good would come out of using forbidden magic. Nacht didn’t listen to what Morgen is saying, and he wears a bracelet that will make him summon a devil. Nacht told Morgan about a supreme devil and said he would surpass his limits.  He summons a devil that is chained and started to communicate with it.

He performed the ritual, and he runs out of magic since the devil’s magic is overwhelming. The devils started to attack everyone except for Yami, who summons it. Nacht’s body becomes immobilized and realizes that the supreme devil is too powerful. Morgen jumped in and took out the relic that links to the devil. Nacht wonders if Morgen is destroying the ritual or canceling the ritual. Morgen is badly injured. He comments that this is what he gets for not reporting his family to the Knights.

He knows that they were working on forbidden magic. Morgen told Nacht to full fill his dream. He died in the hands of Nacht, who regrets that a good loving guy is no more. He shouts that he is the one who deserves to die, and he asks God to save his brother. In the present day, Nacht is battling. Lilith, Naam, and he told them that he would kill them before they lay a hand on good people. He decides to surpass his limit.

Black Clover Chapter 287 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 287 date will release on Sunday, 28 March 2021, on Viz. Note every Sunday new chapter of Black Clover is released. Let’s find out more about Natch and his Morgen here on Black Clover, Chapter 286. Chapter 286 is released on Sunday. You can read Black Clover  VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus.

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