Black Clover Chapter 183 – Yuno VS The Mystery Elf

After a lot of chapters and a lot of fights, all the characters are finally gathering in the Royal Capital. The elves continue their attack¬†against the humans while the three remaining Magic Knight captains are trying to protect the Royal Capital. In Black Clover chapter 183, will we finally see what happened to Yuno? And who is the elf that “greeted” him?

Black Clover Chapter 183 – Yuno VS A Mystery Elf

It’s been a while since we have seen Yuno in any chapters of the manga. He was last seen with Asta fighting against the Golden Dawn Elf in the Hage Village. In the previous chapter, Patri asked about Yuno and how he managed to regain his personality even though he was supposed to be reincarnated. Rhya told Patri that he is getting the matter fixed by sending someone to greet him. Who is this someone and how will this someone wake the elf residing inside Yuno’s body?

In Black Clover episode 183, it seems like we will finally see what happened to Yuno during his flight. There’s a possibility that he might fight the elf that was sent to get him. Although he can control his thoughts, there is still no certainty that the elf inside him will not wake up in the presence of this “Mystery Elf”. Right now, the only sure way of removing the elf soul is through Asta’s third sword. This fight might be the reason why Yuno is still not in the capital and the outcome will decide if he will arrive as an ally or an enemy.

black clover chapter 183

The Black Bull’s fight against the elves might appear in the next chapters. What is Licht and Asta’s connection? Why is Licht reacting to Asta’s presence? Is this because of his former grimoire that is now in Asta’s property? We will know more in Black Clover chapter 183 and in the future chapters.

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