Black Clover Chapter 180 Spoilers, Release Date

We finally get to witness the magic power that the King holds, which appears to be Light Magic, but that’s not sufficient as Langris can chop his magic out of reality with ease. So now it kind of fits obvious that the next chapter is going to be as great as the previous one as well, if not more. So let us break down and predict the events of Black Clover chapter 180. But before that, there is a warning for you. The post ahead holds significant spoilers so read at your own will.

Black Clover Chapter 180

The previous chapter exposed us that how Noelle, Nozel, and Zora were able to dominate the elves yet with their support. It appears that now it is just a matter of time until they acquire this fight. By the end of the chapter, we also get to know that Langris Elf is fighting upon his family. We certainly see how Langris is overwhelming Yami and Jack with his magic and the single one who can defeat him now is Finral.

Black Clover Chapter 180 Spoilers

We will get to see how Mimosa and Kirsch’s teamwork will be effective for battle and defense of the House Vermillion. Finral is back in action, and a rematch that will be on a higher scale than the Royal Knights Selection Exam arc against his brother. Lastly, We’ll get to see the more team-up action of Yami and Jack the ripper.

I am hoping that Finral manages to pull something big here. He has been shafted way too long. He is the only member of the “Black Bulls” to not have a shining moment. This next chapter will show how Finral will identify Langris weakness.

Black Clover Chapter 180 Release Date

The release date of this chapter is 2nd November 2018.

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