Black Clover Chapter 180 – Battle Against Elves And Human Royals

In the previous chapter of Black Clover, the Vermillions are getting in an escape-and-run approach of fighting the Elves. On the other hand, Yami, Jack, and Finral are all bulldozing in the place, even defeating the other elves with Langris. In Black Clover chapter 180, a battle between two captains and Elf-Langris will ensue, and Finral might be the one who will turn the table around.

Black Clover Chapter 180 – Elf Langris VS Yami And Jack

This chapter is expected to be a demonstration of Spatial Magic. We all know how powerful Langris’ magic can be even before he turned into an elf. His magic can carve space, and it seems like it can even carve magic that takes the space of his target. In the last chapter, he even made the magic surround him and attack those whoever go near to attack him. With the people currently in the room right now, it seems like there’s no one who can nullify Elf-Langris’ spatial magic.

black clover chapter 180

However, there’s still hope for Finral in Black Clover chapter 180. Spatial magic cancels spatial magic. It seems like Finral is actually powerful enough to cancel out Langris’ magic, as seen in the last chapter. However, it doesn’t mean that Langris cannot attack and is in defensive mode only. One mistake and FInral will lose his life. If Finral can land just one attack to cancel Langris’ barrier, then Yami and Jack can cut the elf down and rescue King Clover.

The Vermillion family are also in danger because of an elf named Baval. He is not affected by the tricks that the Vermillions have in their sleeves. Will they have to fight this mysterious fellow? What is Baval’s magic and why is he not affected by the Vermillion’s power?  We will know in Black Clover chapter 180.

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