‘Black Adam’ Production To Start In 2020?

There is some awesome news on the horizon of DC fans and especially the ones who are loving Shazam movie. One of the producers of Shazam that you all should be very familiar with, Dwayne Johnson took on social media to thank everyone for the overwhelming support that his produced movie Shazam has got.

He also revealed that Black Adam is going to start filming in a year. For those who don’t know who Black Adam is, well he simply is a villainous version of Shazam. DC is looking to expand its universe in the movies after expanding it to a great degree in the television genre. It is still not clear whether Black Adam will be launched in a separate movie or will he be launched in the sequel of Shazam.

The rumours say that Dwayne Johnson will himself play this character known as Black Adam and that this character will be getting a whole new movie just based on him and no one else. As I said it in simple words, Black Adam is another similar version of Shazam but he uses his powers for hurting people instead of saving them.

Another producer that will be a part of Black Adam movie known as Hiram Garcia said that she had been waiting to see Dwayne Johnson in as a superhuman but couldn’t find a perfect fit for him until Black Adam suited him with utmost perfection.

Black Adam Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson himself seems even more excited than the fans about playing a DC villain who is very powerful.

He revealed that he is too damn excited about being a part of the DC universe. He said that he is going to kick everyone’s ass once he is cast as Black Adam. So, it is clear that Dwayne Johnson will be the new Black Adam that we will come to know. Now, let us talk about Black Adam a bit. Like Shazam turns into a superhuman after screaming Shazam, similarly, Black Adam also turns into a superhuman after saying the words Shazam.

Since his powers hail from a similar source, it means that his appearance is also similar to that of Shazam. Shazam wears a red suit while Black Adam wears a black one. As far as abilities go they are similar to that of Shazam as well which is exactly why dealing with Black Adam will be very hard for Shazam. The movie seems to be interesting and the sheer fact that Dwayne The Rock Johnson is playing Black Adam it seems that we have another awesome DC character in the making.

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