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DCU Black Adam Featuring Dwayne Johnson is Postponed

Black Adam

DC has finally released Snyder Cut and fans are loving the movie. However, DC seems not to stop here. The DC extended universe is all set to release another surprise for their fans. They are planning to move further with the original superhero characters in the team of Justice League. Yes, we are talking about Dwayne Johnson’s [The Rock] Black Adam.

Most of the spectators of MCU and DC compare Dwayne and Ryan Reynolds’s will to perform their passion characters. Ryan is right now living the character of Deadpool in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Dwayne has always wanted to play “Black Adam” for a long time. In terms of longtime, Dwayne has waited to play this role since he became popular for his movies and his size.

The production of Black Adam has never been an easy task. Firstly, there were initial rumors that DC is rolling out a “Black Adam” movie. After that, there were so many pre-productions issues. But now it is confirmed that the Black Adam will also introduce Justice Society, which is going to feature many Known faces. Apart from Dwayne Johnson, the other cast members of the movie are also quite charming and interesting.

Here is everything we know so far about this upcoming movie.

Black Adam Release Date

We would have been happily watching Black Adam on the 22nd of December, 2021 but apparently, our fate was not yet ready. The date of the “Black Adam” release date is now shifted to the end of 2022. That means we are going to watch it next year literally. Amid COVID-19, the shooting and all the production work of the movie are still pending.

However, this new release date would get change if the creators release official statements. The cameras which were supposed to lead the action in the 2020 summer will now activate in April 2021. Even if the officials imagine releasing the movie on the expected date, it won’t allow the editing team to leash out required visual effects. There are [obviously] many action scenes in the movie. These action scenes need a check and some furnishing for better quality and fun.

There is no way but to wait for next year. The creators cannot hurry up to roll out the movie as the movie is going to play a big part in enhancing DC’s reputation. Hurrying in “Black Adam” production would lead to nothing but chaos.

Black Adam Teaser Trailer

Obviously no!! There is no trailer of the movie released yet. As the shooting is expected to start in April this year, we cannot expect a trailer all of a sudden. However, the trailer may roll out next summer in 2022. However, Johnson keeps sharing things from the set on his social media. Therefore, he is the only source for us to know what currently DC is planning with the movie’s production.

However, we have a teaser that DC released last year in August.

Black Adam Other Cast Members

Apart from Dwayne in the lead role, there are other important artists in the movie. As soon as the filming date of the movie is coming close, Johnson has started revealing out who else is part of the team. Recently, he revealed that Pierce Brosnan is going to play Doctor Fate. Yes, you have guessed right, he is a former James Bond too. This movie is going to be Pierce’s first superhero movie of his career. Doctor Fate is no new character He first appeared in DC comics in the 1940s. He is known to be a son of an archaeologist.

Moreover, there were numerous whispers that which superhero would appear in Black Adam. Fans thought that it would be Shazam or Superman.

Other than Pierce, Noah Centineo is also set to play Atom Smasher. He can grow his size up to 60 feet. This character is capable of changing his size and strength. Aldis Hodge will also play the role of Hawkman in the movie. Fans are more curious to see Quintessa Swindell in the movie as she is all set to play the role of Cyclone.

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Tanya Bhatnagar is an avid viewer of television drama. You will often find her gossiping about Hollywood.

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