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Björn Ulvaeus Net Worth: How Much Does The Swedish Singer Earn?

Björn Ulvaeus

Hello, internet! Today we cover the famous singer-songwriter and producer Björn Ulvaeus net worth. Firstly, Björn Kristian Ulvaeus was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, and he is well-known as a member of the Swedish musical group ABBA. And he is also a co-composer of the popular musicals Chess, Kristina från Duvemåla, and Mamma Mia! And a co-producer of the film Mamma Mia!! Follow by Here We Go Again with his fellow ABBA member and close friend Benny Andersson. He is also the oldest and most talented member of the group.

In early 1951, the popular Swedish singer moved with his entire family to Västervik, Kalmar County. His father’s name is Aina Eliza Viktoria (née Bengtsson; 1909–2005) and her mother name is Erik Gunnar Ulvaeus (1912–1999). Ulvaeus also has one younger sister, Eva Margareta, who is three years younger than him. The popular Swedish singer-songwriter studied business and law firm at Lund University after finishing his military service alongside comedian Magnus Holmström.

Björn Ulvaeus

About Björn Ulvaeus

Born on 25 April 1945, in Gothenburg, Sweden, Björn Ulvaeus is a famous singer-songwriter. At a very young he with his family moved to Västervik. The Swedish singer studied business and law firm at Lund University. And after finishing his military service, he became a member of the Swedish folk-schlager band Hootenanny Singers, also popularly known as the West Bay Singers. The band had a huge following in Scandinavia.

In 1966, on the road of southern Sweden, the band encountered the Hep Stars, and Ulvaeus quickly became good friends with the group’s keyboard player, Benny Andersson. Soon after Ulvaeus and Andersson become friends, a pop group ABBA was born. The famous pop group gives so many hits in their time like Dancing Queen,” “Take a Chance On Me,” “Waterloo,” and “Fernando.” And the band still earns income from their hits being played today. After the separation of ABBA, Ulvaeus, together with his friend Andersson, created the musicals Chess, Kristina från Duvemåla (based on The Emigrants novels by Swedish writer Vilhelm Moberg) together, and Mamma Mia! (based on ABBA songs). In 1971, the Swedish singer-songwriter married fellow ABBA bandmate, Agnetha Fältskog, and the marriage resulted inborn of two children: Linda Elin Ulvaeus and Peter Christian Ulvaeus. The marriage does not work well for anyone.

After spending nine years together in 1980, Bjorn and Agnetha divorced, although they both agreed to remain in ABBA. The Swedish singer-songwriter then married music journalist Lena Kallersjo on 6 January 1981. After one year of divorce. Kallersjo and Ulvaeus had two daughters together, named Emma and Anna. The couple currently live in Stockholm.

Björn Ulvaeus Net Worth

Bjorn Ulvaeus’s net worth: Bjorn Ulvaeus is a famous Swedish songwriter, composer, musician, writer, and producer who has believed to have a net worth of $300 million. The Swedish singer-songwriter is probably most famous for being one of the original founding members of the pop group known as ABBA. In addition to his time with pop group ABBA, he is also known for being a co-producer of the popular music and film Mama Mia!

björn ulvaeus

ABBA net worth

As of the year 2021, the pop group ABBA is worth more than $900million. The famous band made most of its hard-earned money through several tours and performances over the decades of time. But still, their income increased considerably from films and TV shows. A good example is that ABBA’s music was taken into a musical called Mamma Mia! in 1991, which is still one of the most popular musicals in London’s West End and Broadway in New York. It has been said that they made £3.1million in royalties for their music. And that is a huge amount from royalty alone.

The famous pop group ABBA also made music from Mamma Mia! The movie, which was the highest-grossing film in the United Kingdom in the year 2008. The members of the famous pop band ABBA still earn royalties from their music to this day. As a solo, the band members are believed to be worth between £146-218million. Agnetha, one of the pop band members, continued to have a successful solo career after the ABBA broke up, with three hit albums.

Annie-Frid, or Frida as she is known, also found great international success after ABBA. The famous band members’ first album, “Something’s Going On,” went on to sell more than a 1.5million copies. She marries Prince Heinrich Ruzzo Reuss von Plauen in 1992, but he died of lymphoma in 1999 aged 49.

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